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Is chemical engineering (or any engineering degree) worth the struggle in the end?

I'm planning on taking the engineering route and I have to ask, for all who has been through it, is it worth the struggle, the tiredness, and the lack of free time I get in my university years? I am taking chemistry at the moment and even though it's only two units I'm enjoying it. I've heard horror stories about physics but I'm giving it a try during the summer. What people would call my 'death year' would commence in my senior year of high school. I am determined to get into chemical engineering but is it guaranteed that this is one of those majors that can get me a job later in life?

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    I did my bachelors in Chemical Engineering so let me tell you my experience. The first year was cake, basic general classes - General chemistry, calculus, physics etc... Second year was pretty easy too, thermodynamics, intro to chemical engineering, a matlab class and some higher math classes - ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations & organic chemistry. Third year is when it got tough, but I was working full time so that added a lot to my load, first semester is when you get into the core of the engineering classes for my program it was something like fluid mechenics, physical chemistry (quantum chemistry), heat & mass transfer and chemical engineering thermodynamics, second semster was way harder I took intro to nuclear engineering, mass transfer and seperations, chemical reaction engineering and bioreaction engineering. Fourth year was when you put your new found knowledge to the test, it consisted of labs and design classes. Throughout my studies I would say I put about 70hrs/wk into school. It sucked while I was going through it but when I got done it was great. I didn't have an amazing gpa, 3.2, but it was good enough to get job offers from several companies. I took a job as a field engineer working on the offshore oil rigs, awesome job :) All in all, if you are smart enough and will work hard enough to get through the schooling it will be worth it. You will make a good salary right out of college and be able to live pretty much any where you want.

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    hi Amanda, I incredibly have one component to assert: do no longer stop!!! i'm a modern-day student (and artwork finished time interior the engineering field) so i be attentive to the way annoying this is. Advisers will attempt to make you adjust to a predetermined time table (it somewhat is 17 semester hours at my college), yet so what if it takes you longer to graduate. yet another tip I incredibly have. each now and then whilst a classification it provided with a concurrent requirement, like perhaps your ENCH 215 and CALC 2, most of the cases you would be doing transcendental derivatives and integrals in ENCH earlier you even conceal them in CALC 2!! Engineering is extremely diverse from a super kind of alternative stages in that each thing which you're taking is a real construction block for destiny instructions. If math provides fits, communicate approximately it greater suitable than all others. i like African learn, yet wager what, i will settle for a C in that classification so i can get a greater useful expertise of Physics. keep in mind, with an customary commencing earnings interior the $60K variety, it is going to be rattling annoying. no person yet Androids bypass each classification they ever took the 1st time. in case you're having hardship with the training, get in a learn group. whether the gang isn't all that smart, you incredibly learn greater by making use of assisting others - unusual yet real. somebody would be attentive to some thing greater useful than you will and vice-versa. pay attention, in extreme college I flunked Algebra II, oh and by making use of the way, i'm 39 years previous now. wager what, my college consultant informed me i became going to FAIL. I in no way took Physics or Chemistry yet my destiny is in basic terms no longer dictated by making use of a rattling statistic of who's the main in all probability to bypass or fail. i gets my degree, or die attempting. top now I incredibly have a three.5 GPA going into my sophomore year. I strongly recommend you do the comparable. do no longer stop. The greater durable the race, the sweeter the win!!

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    Thank you, am also fine like you then dear please am one 20 years experienced power electronics engineer from that my suggestion to you is all engineering fields are good in all countries not only in india means the feeling of good depends on almost busy in job with more interest because what you got job is fully related to your studied engineering. what i want to inform to you is please take the branch of engineering for study to be any thing but very good back ground support by some body for best future

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    Chemistry and chemical engineering is two different things you know.

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