Rate my Pokemon team (OU 3rd gen)?

Ok, so my school has a Pokemon club with 40 some people in it. We are going to have a 3rd gen tournament (Due to everyone loving it to death) in May. And it's not a bunch of crappy players, they're breeding for IVs, EV training, ect...

Here is the team I'm planning on building.

KEEP IN MIND this is 3rd gen OU tier

Heracross/Aerodactyl- Adamant/Jolly- Choice band

EVs 252 ATK, 252 SPE, 6 HP

Rock SLide


Megahorn/Ariel Ace

Brick Break/ Stregnth

Sceptile- Modest- Scope Lens

EVs 252 SPA, 252 SPE, 6 HP

Leaf Blade


Thunder Punch


Claydol- Quiet- Leftovers

EVs 252 HP, 100 SPA, 158 DEF


Ice Beam

Rapid Spin



Snorlax- Careful- Leftovers

EVs 252 SPD, 150 HP, 108 ATK

Body Slam

Shadow Ball


Light Screen

Skarmory- Adamant- Leftovers

EVs 252 DEF, 158 HP, 100 ATK



Drill Peck

Steel Wing

Lapras- Modest- Leftovers

EVs 252 HP, 158 SPA, 100 DEF

Ice Beam


Thunder Bolt

Confuse Ray

Ability-Water Absorb


Specific suggestions for anything I can change are much appreciated

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  • 7 years ago
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    I'll see if I could help you, but my 3rd gen OU skills are rusty, to say the least. So feel free to ignore this.

    From the looks of your team, it appears you want to try and go bulky offense, primarily maintaining a level of stall, while having a wallbreaker and late game sweeper to help.

    My main issue with your team is that there is no bulky pokemon that can heal (bar leftovers). This will be an issue against opposing stall teams that can heal, or powerful pokemon you must always switch out of (opposing Heracross, for example, you must always switch to Skarmory, who will be worn down over time).

    I think the easiest way to solve this issue is by replacing Lapras with Vaporeon, who if you breed a few moves for, can get Wish, which will allow her to heal up Skarmory and Snorlax easily (espicially since those 2 handle most of the pokemon that commonly swap into her).

    Your snorlax set I believe is taking it to simplistic. I'm aware that you probably won't have another Earthquake TM, but with Rest and Curse over Toxic and Light Screen gives you a pretty solid Curse boosting set. Because of Snorlax's mighty special defense, the only way of besting him is status, physical moves, and phazing. With Rest and Curse, the first 2 are easily handled (abliet, you need quite a few Curse boosts to handle fighting types), making him a really good late game sweeper, and allows you to use your physical sweeper and Sceptile as early game wall breakers.

    Speaking of you physical sweeper, i suppose it's time we picked one. Heracross seems to be a much better choice, as Sceptile is already your faster sweeper (and if it's not to late, I would suggest Timid over Modest on him), and seeing how there is a large reliance on this phyiscal sweeper to be a good wall breaker. Heracross is extremely difficult to wall, only Weezing and Dusclops can keep swaping in and live. Areodactly has several pokemon that bother it, particularly bulky waters, because it's not too strong.

    Other then that, I say the team is pretty solid.

    EDIT: I didn't really take a look at the EV and nature spreads first time around, but I have to ask... is there any rhyme or reason for the way they are invested? I forget if 3rd gen spreads are different, but starting competitive in 4th gen, I always assumed 252/252/4 spreads were the basic staples to go to. Particularly Skarmory, which I though investment in defense would be the best way, especially with the nature (ie, Bold). Again, I dunno if 3rd gen is different, but I highly reccomend chainging Lapras/Vaporeon and Skarmory to max (sp) defense. Claydol/Snorlax can remain bulky offense.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Best Ou Pokemon Team

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  • 4 years ago

    Rate My Team Pokemon

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  • 7 years ago

    Cool team. May i recommend having your sceptile learn earthquake? If a fire pokemon is against it with speec you can take it out and surprise your foe. Another good pokemon is gengar. With speed and health it can attack good :D Hypnosis ,Dream eater, and other moves of your choice. It has helped me when it turns to poke fights. A good tank alternative is umbreon. Anywayrs I´d give your team a 9 :D

    Source(s): Played pokemon casually and competitive.
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  • 3 years ago


    Source(s): Hypnosis Training http://givitry.info/HypnosisCourse/?vxD3
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  • samrov
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    properly, the pikachu might desire to bypass. It does not have a solid sufficient speed to examine its non-existent bulk to be an smart glass cannon, yet inspite of a baton exceeded acid armor, it nonetheless is frail. the two Froslass and Volcanora are incredibly liable to the ever-cutting-edge stealth rocks, yet different then that, it style of feels large.

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