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ways to deal with anxiety issues?

I am 20 year old female, that is compulsively worrying about to much. This is causing me so much stress and loss of sleep. I cant sleep until 3-4 am most nights just because something is always on my mind. Recently I have been experiencing pressure in the left side of my head and ended up stressing so much I had a cat scan which came back good. Just wondering ways of dealing with this anxiety without medication. Really need some help.

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    Please, please, please try this it will work. I was the same way, i was always paranoid and worrying about everything and stressed out. Its all in your head man trust me, mind over matter, we only use around 10% of our brain so i tried digging up the rest to help me out. Don't take those meds they will make you like a zombie and don't waste your money on a therapist. i did it all natural, it worked for me. You just got to have a strong mind meds and therapist are for the weak minded. First have you trained your brain into blocking out things its not hard when you get the hang of it. When you start getting bad thoughts find your center block it out. Second what is your center and how do you find it? that's all on you, What do you enjoy doing that keeps your mind off things because, when you sit there and start thinking your mind wonders and goes deep into thoughts and you start freaking out, i know i been there. So for example my center is music and meditation it sounds dumb but it works to calm you down, i suggest you listen to the bands tycho or boards of canada,listen all there songs but they are now my favorite music its like a trip-hop relax deep thoughts music try the song (Dictaphones lament by tycho) or (dayvan cowboy by boards of canada) put in your head phones and turn it up at a comfortable level, with nothing going on around you, focus on the music and the tones, like see the tones in your head when you hear them. When your mind starts relaxing and gets deeper on focusing. I think about good times with friends family any type of good thoughts, warm sunny days over bright green long grass Fields wind lightly swaying them back and forth, swimming deep in the ocean, walking on the moon looking for the meaning of life, looking at everyone below me as i travel different countries and places and feel myself connecting to life on a higher level its meditation for me, finding my center and blocking out bad thoughts just relax as much as possible, one day when you advance in finding your self and your center look into binaural beats, they can work beyond your thoughts. im 26 now and wish i did this befor..i hope it helps you like it helped me just give it a try because remember its all in your head and mind over matter and your brain is very powerful you have to controll it the right way not let it take you over and put you in depression. good luck and let me know if its working for you

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    There are a few things you can do that don't require you resorting to medication.

    The go-to fix is usually chamomile tea which is quite soothing for anxiety. Valerian, kava-kava and other alternative herbs in tea or extract form have been found useful although I have not tried them.

    There are specific breathing techniques you can practice and google.

    Exercise is really the main thing that will make anyone feel better long-term. Also meditation, even 20 minutes a day, has been proven to be therapeutic and relaxing.

    Also try to omit any caffeine or stimulating substance that might provoke anxiety.

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    you are focusing on too much over your symptoms. many people watch TV shows like CSI and if their heart beat faster they even don't pay attention. People with anxiety problem start fearing normal body reactions that gives some symptoms that scare them more, so anxiety keeps in creasing. Email me if you have a question.

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