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In the case of Nuclear war, what would Canada's part be?

I am from Toronto, Ontario Canada. We have no nuclear weapons here, and I've been wondering what would happen to us innthe case. Would we be a prime target still? Or would we be left alone and in the end die of Fallout?

Only serious answers please.

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    Actually Canada gave up their nuclear weapons, or right to.

    The USA Britain and Canada [the 3 largest western powers of the day, Russia omitted by design] were the partners involved in The Manhattan Project; facilities and scientific labs and mines scattered all across North America and Britain.

    As partners they signed The Quebec Accord of 1943 agreeing a/ no partner will use this Project against another and b/ no partner will use this Project without the consent of all partners.

    Canada [and Britain] had as much to do with Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the USA did; equal partners that gave the green light - and the USA loaded it up... rest is history.

    Canada doesn't have nukes because we saw what it did and it freaked us out, I mean how horrible a weapon and what an ungodly thing to do to your fellow mankind - that's not our version of a great society. Canada opted out of the partnership, just walked away.

    No Canada would not be a prime target as a result.

    Firstly you don't use your heavy guns on soft targets, you prioritize such things militarily.

    Secondly Canada has the most known oil reserves in the world second only to Saudi Arabia, has 10% of the worlds fresh water, ship raw materials like gold to uranium - you want to possess such things, not deny them to yourself; so again it would be more from conventional, anything and everything but nukes and poisoning the well

    In BC as an example, their big worry is the nuclear submarine base in Bangor Washington - that's definitely a target and the light show would probably make a good quarter of the whole BC coast glow.

    What the best I can hope for, the Russians having lousy aim and missing?

    Instantly bbq'ed vs fallout and those Zombie shows being my reality.... quite the options lol.

    As far as us being in fallout, Canada is the second largest land mass in the world; lakes, mountains, the high Arctic... I'm not saying we'd survive a nuclear winter type thing, but if the nuclear exchange was subjectively limited we do have a much better chance than most of having areas to survive in - unaffected by fallout. Obviously that depends entirely on circumstance but none the less highly plausible.

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    Im sure if there was a ww3 and N.Korea sent one off to the USA there would then be no N. Korea. Im sure China would not be happy but doubtful China would send more nukes. If **** goes bad in the south China sea im not sure China would send nukes. Britain and Russia may go at it which would mean the USA would be involved. Russias defense if a nuke is detected coming at them is to automatically launch all their nuclear arsenal at once. Before targets are reached in the USA the Americans would have fired back. Unless Russia has changed their defence plan in case of a nuke the end of the world would be at hand. New Zealand apparently is supposed to be a safe place to be. A main target would be naval base on the Washington Coast near seattle and im sure Vancouver Island where Canada has a main Naval base. And Alaska would be a definate target as well. This would leave most of Wahington, British Columbia Canada and Alaska. So the west coast of Canada woukd be wiped out and toxic. The canadaian arctic has few bases which wouod be taken out. Canadas maritimes has some strategic air defence stations and communications that are joint USA. Then New York wouod be a target making the east coast of Canada partly taken off the map. Russia and Canada have had decent relations for years considering both are facing each other in the arctic. I dont think Russia and/or China wishes to attack Canada. Who knows what could happen in a war. Of Canada pissed of the USA its been though through that USA could march across the border and take Ottawa in 24 to 48hrs. Canada may survive a 3rd world war but it would have its share of damages just from being in the middle.

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    If you have no nuclear weapons and there was a world war in which nuclear armaments were used and according to some war theories it can happen. You'd be a secondary issue you've always been a pretty peaceful group of people and as an American I applaud that. That could possibly save you from a quick conflagration of death and earn a slow and painfull death by cold and radiation.

    The major beligerents in a world war would be the major powers obviously. United states, Russia, uk, Germany, France, Japan, china. It's most likely opening operation of conflict would possibly be in the far east. Starting with a Korea Japan conflict. If china chooses to side with Korea and the united states sides with Japan then you have the makings of a global conflict. Then the next step is where russia decides to play her hand. I'd say she will side with Japan. And the rest of the western world. That would give the western powers a rather large advantage. China would face a many front war where little allies would be present.

    Total war theory however states that in order to end costly wars people may be willing to overlook the rules of warfare in order of expediency. Really a lot of the what if's are a war of nuclear scale starting or not once it begins it will be a matter of time before it gets to bombs dropping.

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    Stupid question. Nukes are largely symbolic. Much like the Queen who has no real decision making powers when it comes to strategizing for war.

    Have you heard of MAD, no nuclear capable country is willing to kill its citizens lest the planet.

    We would fight a conventional war before pushing any buttons, and even this is inhibited in fear of escalation,

    So even though nuclear war is almost impossible, consider strategic targets in communications and military installations as people are as harmless as wild life there after, even old airfields and ship building plants, anything that can rebuild a threat, etc... Again to answer a stupid question further, without exhaustive detail we would wipe ANY opponent off of the face of the earth but would lose 2 or 3 cities in the process which is certifiably deemed "unacceptable consequences" by our governments making it...impossible, in the event this what if makes you feel better.

    there is no what if, it is near impossible, greater heads than ours prevail on both side and smarts and compassion are correlated, so relax. There will never be a WWIII and in a few hundred years with a global government there will be no nukes or barbarianism any more than we burn witches any more. Even our TV of today will look gross and primative due to its violence, like cave men. We will survive. We will modernize/ don;t worry be happy and stop being so alarmist. Nukes deter, thats' it.


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    Canada would most likely send troups to help the UK and USA during the war. But regarding nuclear bombs, it's highly probable that if there ever was a nuclear war, then Canada would be one of the fitst hit with the fallout, mostly because of your friendly neighbour America.

    Canada stays out of international conflicts like Ireland (that's where I'm from) does. I've always said the following statement: 'When the superpowers of the world begin commiting suicide (beginning a Nuclear War) on eachother, it will be countries like Ireland and Canada that will be left to clean up the ashes....'

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    Canada is a member of NATO and thus an ally of USA - the Russians will have plenty of nukes targetted on your cities with military and naval bases and cities that are used as major communications centres by the Canadian military - as the military of other NATO countries could also use them.

    In a nuclear war,the enemy is hardly going to ignore a NATO member like Canada - if they did,US and other NATO forces could just base themselves there without fear of attack.

    So,Canada would get a hefty dose of nukes on day 1 of a nuclear war.

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    we does not be in possibility in any respect. North Korea has its dispute with the U. S. specially so it would purpose it missiles (if it had any) at places like Washington. whether Korea DID attack the U. S. in Canada we are below the nuclear secure practices of the U. S. and the might maximum in all probability deliver out a retaliatory strike against Korea to circumvent further assaults agains them, or us. overall, there is not something to be afraid approximately in case you reside in Canada, or maybe united states of america of america.

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