Car threw sparks on freeway, billowing steam?

So I was on the free way in a construction zone and when I got out I was going 60km. I dropped it in second gear and floored it then it all the sudden threw some sparks out of the engine bay., but it didn't chug or sputter or anything. I drove it easy til I got home and opened the hood and steam was billowing out. (I'm assuming steam because I couldn't smell anything really and t was dark).

When I dropped it in second it nothing went wrong, I rev matched and put it in, no grinding, no back fire nothing. I'm stumped as to what went wrong, usually I'm pretty good at figuring this stuff out.

I have a 1991 tercel so if you think its pooched don't be afraid to say so because I don't want to put any money in it

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  • roger
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    8 years ago
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    could be something on the road was kicked up into the engine bay sounds like something happened the steam has to be coolant so something has a hole or a problem you need to refill the radiator with water in the morning save your anti freeze for later after you find the leak.If your radiator takes a lot of water tomorrow this means you will have air pockets in the system to work out once you find and fix the leak. fill the radiator and start it up you need to get to operating temp to find out where the leak is so you can fix it. The sparks sound interesting more will be revealed in the daylight.

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