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Anonymous asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 8 years ago

Latest "North Korean" video?

The latest video touting unbelievable American living standards has hit internet based web services.

Before anyone over reacts to how dastardly those North Koreans are, be advised the video was released by Phoenix Media Group, a production distributed by and serves the interests of China

It is in partnership with the BBC and Canadian Film board.

More information here -

This has nothing to do with North Korea and everything to do with the British stirring the pot.


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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    NO NO,I cant see this at all and am somewhat disappointed a Canadian member thinking such things.I am quite upset.

    You will know the BBC always greatly values its independence and jealously guards it. I wish the asker had given us a link to the video he speaks.Without seeing it there is not much more to comment on.

  • .
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    I saw the last one.

    They showed that Americans drink hot drinks out of styrofoam cups.

    This is true.

    I also know that Americans cook food in plastic.

    It is like eating plastic.

    It is not good to eat or drink from hot plastic containers!

    North Korea: US Drinks Snow Coffee & Survives Off North Korean Aid. HILARIOUS

  • ?
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    i incredibly do not imagine that those adult males got down to degrade women. Or disrespect us or although. yet heavily, it became somewhat crass. genuinely did not make me snigger yet a typhoon is a teacup incredibly! It became chickens for goodness sake!! of course censored by ability of a similar those who desirous to censor Noddy & huge Ears many years in the past in case each and each and every of the kiddies became into gay, racist, fat policemen.

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