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Blue buffalo for chihuahua puppy?

So, my new chihuahua papillon mix puppy is going to be 8 weeks old when I brim her home. Her owner right now is feeding her the science diet for small breed puppies and I personally don't like the science diet. I want to switch her over to blue buffalo. Which recipe would be the best for her? There are so many to choose from. I just want her to have a good quality dog food that'll give her the nutrients she needs. I also have to bring home some science diet to gradually switch her. Ick. Haha

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    First of all, I just want to say I'm so glad you did your homework on proper nutrition before bringing home your new puppy! Yay!

    I started my Chi/Poodle mix puppy on Blue Buffalo when I first got her. After the first small bag, I switched because as I researched more, I learned that the price was ridiculous for such a grain-heavy food. Plus, the Life Source bits were way too hard for her to chew up, so I felt like it was a waste since the bits are the most nutritious part of the kibble and what really jacks up the price.

    Since then, I have fed her Taste of the Wild and will never switch. It is an amazing quality food and the cheapest of the best brands. The quality is so much better than Blue Buffalo, and it's grain-free. I could tell a big difference in her health after I switched. You can find it the brand at Tractor Supply and some pet stores. They have recently created a puppy formula with a couple of different flavors (which is another good thing about the brand--it has a ton of different formulas. It's good to switch up the flavors after every couple of bags or so to prevent boredom/allergies).

    Anyway, just giving you a recommendation to explore your options a bit more before you bring your puppy home. If you are absolutely dead-set on Blue Buffalo, the best choice for your puppy would be the Life Protection Small Breed formula in the pink bag. Good luck!!

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    Blue buffalo comes for small breed puppies . it also comes free from grains, glutens , and artificial preservatives... And brings all of the best ingredients for a chii. And it also doesn't include any of the ingredients you should avoid for a chii. I would recommend blue buffalo ... Good luck

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    blue buffalo puppy chicken brown rice recipe

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