I need some major help. How can I report this person?

There is a "butch lesbian" woman hating on trans people. She has been blogging about it for years. She took MY picture and put it up there, I was 12 at the time I'm 13 now. I am on there. I need help. I've reported her blog and so have many other people, is there an online-cyber bullying place I can report to? Please, this woman needs to be stopped. She goes by the name of "Dirt"


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  • 7 years ago
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    I suggest you contact the Blogspot site (there will be a 'contact us' link somewhere on the home page) and say that you are underage and this person has posted your picture without your permission and is making slanderous accusations against you.

    You might also contact the Federal Communications Commission and say the same thing.

    I'm not clicking on your link because for all I know, you could be "dirt" trying to get more clicks

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Call police they will track her IP address and putt her a way for black mail an child porn

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