Why is Kingston Penitentiary closing?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Kingston Penitentiary is closing because the prison is just simply not working well anymore. By them closing KP, it'll save the government $120 million per year. The decision to close these facilities was made after a thorough assessment by Corrections Canada. The facilities are extremely old and are no longer appropriate for managing a modern day penitentiary. Vic Toews says: "The time has come to recognize its crumbling infrastructure, costly upkeep, and severe limitations in effectively managing a maximum-security male offenders. The designs of the buildings is not safe to manage all of these offenders. In the two facilities the inmates will be shipped to - Port Cartier Institution in Port Cartier, Quebec and Millhaven Institution in Bath, Ontario - it will be safer for the guards and inmates (which is straight up a load of ********).

    So basically, they're closing Kingston Penitentiary because the retarded government wants to risk dangerous offenders such as Russell Williams and Paul Bernardo escaping from Port-Cartier. It's a load of ****, and in my personal opinion they should keep it open.

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    4 years ago

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