Rate & Comment on these boy name combos?

Some personal favorite boy name combos of mine, please rate & comment. (Most detailed answer will get BA).

(GP stands for Guilty Pleasure)

1)Damian Jude

2)Wyatt Alistair

3)Hayden Micaiah (mih-KY-ah) (GP)

4)Dax Emmanuel (GP)

5)Addison Levi

6)Malachi Reid (mal-ih-KY)

7)Lennon Ace (GP)

8)Morgan Atticus

9)Emerson Lyle

10)Holden Matthias

11)Bradley Ren

12)Dawson Cade

13)Eden Matteo

14)Tauren Josiah (TORE-en) (GP)

15)Ellis Gregory

(Part 2 next)

Thank you for your time.

4 Answers

  • 7 years ago
    Favorite Answer

    1)Damian Jude 8/10

    Damian has never appealed to me.Not a special reason why! It's decent,appropriate but it's just my preference.Jude,on the other hand,is gorgeous and makes a great middle name for Damian.Though I am not keen on the first name,it has a nice flow and the style is great.

    2)Wyatt Alistair 10/10

    I love how you used Alistair,instead of the very overused Alexander. Alistair leaves a nice impression and makes a fresh name for any boy,while Alexander is an overused and type of filler name for boys.Wyatt is charming and mannish.

    3)Hayden Micaiah 6/10

    I used to love Hayden until it reached a high popularity ( at least on this site).Micaiah is unique and seems not to compliment Hayden.Although Hayden & Jadon are the only -ayden names, Hayden's style and sound is far too different from Micaiah.Both names are nice,but they don't make that perfect combination.

    4)Dax Emmanuel (GP) 3/10

    I think that Emmanuel Dax flows better.It's a guilt pleasure name,so I am not going to comment it so much.Emmanuel is royal and a beautiful classic name,but as a middle name for Dax..it will lose its appeal.Again,everyone has guilty pleasure names..

    5)Addison Levi 10/10

    I adore Addison.I just can't believe how someone could say that "Adam's son" is TOO feminine.Doesn't matter.I never let the double standard affect me and nobody should.Coming back to the name combination,Levi is lovable and Addison Levi is just too handsome not to get a 10/10 !

    6)Malachi Reid 5/10

    Malachi is fine,but its sound has never flown nicely in my hears.I love the nickname Cai,but I'm sure it can be a first name rather than a nickname.Reid is AWESOME. ( I wanted to make my pseudonym Seth Reid,then I realized it's far too masculine and a guy - I am girl - between females in the Baby Names section would be hilarious.)

    7)Lennon Ace 8/10

    Lennon can be an excellent first name for a boy.John Lennon had amazing music,so this connotation isn't a bad one.Ace is..uhm..a little immature and unrealistic,but it compliments Lennon.I actually like this combination.

    8)Morgan Atticus 10/10

    You seem to have a nice taste.This is another name combination that conquers my heart! Atticus Morgan flows better,but Morgan is far more attractive than Atticus.However,they sound very good and have a nice style.

    9)Emerson Lyle 5/10

    Don't care for Emerson.What if his father is not Emery? Lyle is nice.It was my all time favorites,but I easily got bored of it.Lyle Emerson sounds better,although Emerson Lyle isn't bad.I think Emerson is just too modern and Lyle is more like a classic.Not awful,but not great.

    10)Holden Matthias 6/10

    I don't mind for Holden.It's not a horrid name,anyways.Matthias is too foreign for Holden and they just crash together.It's like Michael Ahmed..

    11)Bradley Ren 6/10

    I do prefer Wren as Ren is a little odd ( also means reindeer in Romanian).Bradley is..duh! I just cannot stand it.It's just blah to me.

    12)Dawson Cade 4/10

    Dawson is just too surname-ish and falls in the trend of surnames as firsts.Cade is just annoying as it reminds me of Caden ( + its ugly spellings).

    13)Eden Matteo 9/10

    I love Eden for a boy.I believe that it's a little out-there. ( Judge Eden? I don't think so..).I think Eden Matteo would be a GP for me.Matteo is cute.

    14)Tauren Josiah (TORE-en) (GP) 7/10

    Josiah is fine.Tauren isn't bad at all,it's just not the best out of this list.

    15)Ellis Gregory 10/10

    Absolutely adore it!

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  • Joey
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Damian Jude - very cool

    Wyatt Alistair - I love Alistair but Wyatt makes me physically retch

    Hayden Michaiah - ....why is this a GP, it's ace!

    Dax Emmanuel - I like Dax (know a Dax, in fact) really dont like Emmanuel

    Addison Levi - not sure on Levi as a middle...

    Malachi Reid - very nom

    Lennon Ace - yup . Very GP.

    Morgan Atticus - I hate Morgan....

    Emerson Lyle - love this

    Holden Matthias - don't like either name

    Bradley Ren - ren sounds like wren (obviously...) which is very girly to me, don't like Bradley

    Dawson Cade - just drown the kid in stars and stripes why don't you?

    Eden Matteo - Matteo is totally unrealistic for anyone not Italian/Spanish wherever the fudge it comes from

    Tauren Josiah - Tauren reminds me of that bull sperm ingredient in energy drinks

    Ellis Gregory - awesome

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  • 7 years ago

    My favorites from your list:

    Wyatt Alistair

    Lennon Ace (although love Lennon, not crazy about "Ace")

    Addison Levi (I like Levi Addison better)

    Holden Matthias (Like it, but love Holden Matthew better)

    Bradley Ren ( l like Bradley Rein better)

    Ellis Grogory (LOVE the name Ellis. I know a Jack Ellis)

    these names sound too girly to me:

    Eden Matteo (Eden seems feminine)

    Tauren Josiah (Tauren seems feminine)

    Source(s): ★ me
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  • 4 years ago

    Colin Riley: 6/10 its o.ok. Skyler James: 4/10 I hate Skyler, love James Jackson Paul: 10/10 like it Maxwell Pierce: 7/10 cute Hayden Scott: 4/10 I hate Hayden, like Scott

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