Could I get into UCLA?

I am a grade 10 student who got a 92% average this term. I got all A's except for math (I have 81% in pre-calculus but I'm a year ahead) and the clubs I'm involved in are: Link crew (which is a leadership thing where older students reach out to younger students), general member of student council, natural club member (I'm trying for co-chair next year), green team member (Its a natural club with most of the highschools in the school district and I will be vice co-chair next year and will also try out for MC for the environmental conference we hold every year), track and field (200 and 100 metre sprint) and I'm an after school tutor.

If I do well on the SATs (by the way what are they on, out of, and what's a good score to get???I'm totally clueless), which I'm planning to do in Grade 12, and get a 95% average grade 11 and grade 12, do you think a girl from a small Canadian city could get into UCLA for either pre-law or engineering (drafting)?

Also, do you know how much it would cost, since I would be an international student???

Also, Im from BC.

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  • 7 years ago
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    It is far too soon to tell, you need another year of school and to take your SAT first. Canadian students usually score quite high on the SAT, though.

    What you will need for UCLA - a cumulative (grade 9-12) gpa of 3.75 and an SAT score of 1700 or higher.

    I'm curious why you would want to spend so much money on a school that is only slightly higher ranked than UBC. As an International student, it will cost your about $38,000 per year for Tuition and Books and another $10,000 for living expenses. You don't have grades high enough to get a major scholarship. UBC would only cost you about $10,000 - $12,000 for Tuition and Books.

    As per pre-law or engineering? There really is no such thing as Pre-Law because Law Schools do not require a prerequisite in Law. You can major in anything. Just so you are aware, though, any Law Degree Programme (even Bachelor's) at UCLA will focus on US Law. Should you wish to eventually become a lawyer in Canada, those studies will not give you much help - it is smarter to do an undergrad in Philosophy, Psychology or English, and then go to Law School in Canada.

    Drafting is a Community College Certificate program or Associates Degree in the U.S. Engineering is far, far more technical than drafting. Yes, you could take one of the fields of Engineering at UCLA.

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  • oleary
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    4 years ago

    UCLA is all approximately extracurriculars. i assume Berkeley is finding for a extra rounded student. BTW...Berkeley's acceptance fee this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days is 22%. So it went down one p.c. from final 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. The UC gadget is so tousled. i understand this female who has a three.2 GPA and did no longer take any AP training, yet she have been given typical to Berkeley. it fairly is like a lottery especially much.

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