is this considered bullying?

these people at school keep saying stuff about me and calling me bitches. and once when I had to do a group presentation in class even though I didn't say anything ( teacher made me go up) they kept looking at me and laughing.

I have no idea what I did but is this considered bullying they've been doing it for months.

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  • 8 years ago
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    "Bullying" has become the new "buzzword." There are suddenly thousands of students looking around thinking that they're being "bullied" simply because someone doesn't bow down and kiss the ground as they walk by. The general answer to your question is, "No, you are not being bullied." The situation you have described is uncomfortable, to be sure. But you need to strike a balance between threats to your personal safety (someone hitting you or pushing you down and threatening to do so again unless you turn over your money), which is, indeed, "bullying," and fellow students simply acting like jerks, which, however unpleasant, is fairly common until people mature and develop functioning brains. Rather than look for reasons to tell everyone that you're "being bullied," you would probably do better to ignore these idiots, steer clear of them whenever possible, and remind yourself that things get better as time passes.

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