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Who's an "unsung" Blues artist you like?

-ie..great or influential; but generally forgotten./ Old or new?

(mine is Buddy Moss. He spent 1935-'41 in a Georgia prison; after WW II, styles had changed.) Here's his "Hard Road Blues" (thnx.13!)-


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@ -Birdy- TD's for Boz Scaggs? At least four people have heard 'Lido Shuffle'... He deserves a lot more recognition for sure. Good new Boz song link. Thanks!

Update 2:

@ Livin' with the law-- John Fahey fer sure! He really had a Bluesman's life. I especially liked his "Railroad(1)" album. Thanks for the answer and link-

Update 3:

@ 13Across- Great link! I noticed these 'Maxwell Street' Dancers have the same moves as West-African tribal dancers I've seen on old films. Now that's the blues! This is my favorite so far. Thanks.

Update 4:

@ TB12 I love Tampa Red's songs. I bet he'd be bigger than Ry Cooder nowdays! Thanks for the link.

Update 5:

@ !!!- Amazing eh? RL was in his 70's until he got major acclaim.. what a cool guy. Thanks.

Update 6:

@ longshot- 'Shakey' Horton (and Little Walter) are my main Harp guys to play to now. I still miss Chris Rea; They should both be famous. Thanks very much for the great answer, and links!

Update 7:

@ Johnny- Great ones. The Jimmy Rogers 'Walking By Myself' is a fav. I like Fuller, White, and Weldon's playing even more now than when I first heard them. Eddie Taylor..(he taught Jimmy Reed how to play!). Will check him out more. Thank-you.

Update 8:

@ Cowboy NATW- Jesse Ed Davis. There's another guy. Apropo songs too. Inspiring! Many thanks.

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