Have you ever ditched a date?

I have! Yesterday

Met him on site .

I'm 22 he's 29

We are from London .

But decided first time we hung out to go shopping in Toronto . As soon as I got in car I wanted to back out I was like drowning in his cologne(bad cologne) ! And was not attracted .

He's got lots of money so bought a nice hotel down there!! It's my first time hanging with him so that made me uncomfortable so when we went to the mall ..

He went to bathroom I wanted to ditch him then but couldn't (had someone driving to pick me up hour away already) but I just couldn't do it he wanted to go to a nice place for dinner but I didn't want him spending more on me seeings I was ditching .. So just had a $2 wrap from mcds .. Then walked around for a bit I was stressing cuz I had my ride comig soon!!! So I was like I need to find a washroom .. So we found it he was waiting so I'm like don't u need to go ? So he's like light as well and went and I left!!!! Was so afraid he'd see me but I got away !!!!

Even after ditching him he still wants to hangout an completely understands!!!!!! Believe it or not it was hard for me to do but I was uncomfortable and felt like that was bet thing to do ... He still wants to hang with me an really likes me ......

He's shorter too!!!! I hate that!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Tell him the truth. if he understands you ditching him then he will understand you not liking him

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