Sci-Fi Novel Similar to Ender's Game (Can You Name The Book?)?

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A long time ago, around the time when I read the novel Ender's Game, I had read another sci-fi novel that dealt with a very similar concept. This was several years ago when I was just a child.

It told the story of a young boy who had lived his entire life in a "box" which was actually an extremely technologically advanced environmental simulation room, where trees, mountains, anything in his entire life could have been simulated. He was raised for the purpose of training his reflexes, decisionmaking skills, etc., to command an army in a virtual war, except against a human faction; not with aliens, but with another human group (country, continent, the specifics I don't remember clearly)

The plan was that he and 2 other children, a younger boy and a girl more closer to his age who were also trained in a way similar to him would form a team to fight, or rather, command and control a virtual army in a virtual war against another faction that had a similar "child prodigy command" team. As time went on, he became curious and actually broke out of his box and explored the outside world (along with his 2 other teammates) during the night, before returning to his "box" in the day to train for the eventual war simulation.

Does ANYONE know what book I'm talking about? I've forgotten its name for the longest time and I cannot for the life of me figure it out!

Thanks so much in advance :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    "Virtual War" (Virtual War Chronologs #1) by Gloria Skurzynski

    "14 year old Corgan has spent his whole life in his Box where he has been raised by Mendor, a computer program who appears as both loving Mother and stern Father. He has been genetically engineered to have fast reflexes so he and his team can win the virtual war to settle the claims to ownership of the Isles of Hiva. Sharla, also 14, is a code breaking expert and Mutant Brig has a genius intellect and is the Strategist. Corgan has never has physical contact with another human being until Sharla breaks the code to open his door without anyone knowing. The three meet and begin to explore the domed city and decide how they should proceed."

    You may also enjoy "Idlewild" by Nick Sagan.

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