Rohingya genocide and cruel Buddhists?

I've been reading about the Genocide in Burma (Myanmar) and how there was a protest with a hundred and so Buddhists that want this ethnic group of people eradicated from existence. I honestly didn't know Buddhists could do such things. I'm well aware of christanity and Islam and Judaism doing terrible stuff but man this depressed me knowing that Buddhists are doing this to.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Buddhists are humans... and not enlightened beings. If we were all Buddhas, there would be no suffering in the world. There will always be Buddhists who act in unskillful ways, and I pray that they will rethink their positions.

    It's very sad, you're right and there is no justification in Buddhist teachings to support war, violence, and certainly not genocide. It's important to note that other Muslim groups are not rushing to offer aide and assistance to their fellow Muslims either, and the position of the Rohingya is rather tragic indeed. The government of Myanmar should do what is right and offer these Muslims their citizenship and the full protection of the law. I hope that any Buddhist who is participating in the violence stops immediately, and works to achieve dialogue and peace.

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