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what is AND the difference between solid state drives (SSD) & Hard drives?

what is are AND the difference between solid state drives (SSD) & Hard drives? This is my so far build, what SSD'S and Hard drives would you reccomend? Total build is aimed at $1000-$1200 this is what I have so far. I would want lots of memory for BF3 and in the future for BF4 and other future games.

PC build:

CPU - Intel core i5 3570k @ 4 Ghz (OVERCLOCKED)

Motherboard -

GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 Ti 2GB

Data drive -


System memory (RAM) - 8GB

Power supply - Corsair AX750 @ 750Watts

Drivers - ASUS Internal 24x DVD Writer, OEM

Cooling - Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

Platform - Windows 7 (?) Edition 64-Bit

PSU - Cool Master HAF 922 Mid Tower ATX Case

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    in my opinion, A SSD is WAY better than a mechanical storage device or HDD is what they call them, if your gonna get a hdd or ssd, get one or the other, dont get BOTH, to me thats dumb, if you dont care about having a quick computer at loading everything and dont care so much about noise, but you still want a large amount of space on the device while not paying much, then a mechanical drive (HDD) would be more practical, but if you dont need an enormous amount of space to store files and install things, but still want a really fast drive, no noise, less power drawn, then a ssd is far better. something like a 256gb ssd would be good, not that expensive, but you still have a decent amount of space to install some large games/files,etc while still having a really fast drive, lower power drawn, and no noise.

    for cpu, i would advise getting the i5 3470/3350p with no overclocking done now or later paired up with the gskill sniper 8gb ddr1600 1.25v ram and p8z77m motherboard, simply because these ivy bridge processors are already good enough at stock speeds, and overclocking messes up with settings, drawing more heat, more power, more noise from cpu fan as a result of more work load, for only a little more performance thats not necessarily needed. now a better option would be trying to make the pc more silent and at the same time this increases reliability, so even if your not overclocking, an aftermarket cpu fan will always be a good choice. the hyper 212 evo aint bad, but the artic freezer xtreme rev.2 is a better choice, this heatsink does have pre applied thermal paste but its not that good, i would buy the prolimatech pk3, wipe off the original thermal paste completely off the heatsink, and then re apply the prolimatech pk3 on top of the processor chip and then install the arctic fan on top, i would re apply the thermal paste again after a year or two.

    for power supply, i would go with the rosewill capstone 750w psu, its cheaper than the ax750 but retains literally the same reliability and efficiency, go with windows 8, if you dont like the scheme of windows 8, then you can always configure it and get the classic start menu option and desktop view of windows 7 as default so it will look like windows 7 but be better because its the newer windows, for computer case, i would get the antec three hundred, cheaper than the haf 922, but still good, it has enough space for installation of most parts, has 2 nice pre installed 120mm and 140mm fans with speed controllers so you can adjust how loud and fast the fans spin at so you can have a quieter pc if you want to adjust it the lowest or lower settings, for gpu, i would get the 1gb gigabyte gtx 650ti for now, this gpu with the rest of your setup can still play newer games on high detail, i would upgrade this graphics card in like a year or so, or whenever the hd 8000 series amd cards come out/gtx 700 series. good upgrades would probably be the gtx 760/760ti or hd 8850/8870 and your system should still remain quiet and powerful when upgrading to one of these.

    here are my recommendations-

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    A solid state drive uses technology similar to a jump drive, solid state drives are faster because they do not have to wait for the disc to spin to the proper position or for the reader to get into the proper position. Because of this technology solid state drives do not need to be defragmented, fragments only impede hard disk drives because of the amount of time it takes the reader and the disk to move into the different positions needed to locate information that is often used together.

    Solid state drives are also less fragile, as you do not have to worry about things like the bearings giving out, hence solid states are popular in laptops, where they are prone to the shock of being dropped.

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    The main differences are faster access and no moving parts. For that though the SSD is going to cost a whole lot more than a comparable traditional drive.

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    ssd is faster than hd cuz it has no moving parts which slow it down therefore making it slower

    and since ssd is no moving parts its much faster i recommend putting your games and os on it say battlefield 3 and windows 7 on the ssd and then all other aplications on the maechanical harddrive

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    ssd drivss dont have any mechanical moving parts so they are much faster and more durable. I would load my os to thd ssd and use a mechanical on files. or if your rich use all ssds

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