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Is there hair treatment to make your hair less frizzy and more softer in the hair salon?

I'm going to the hair salon on Thursday and ever since I dyed my hair a lot throughout the years it's been getting frizzy and has split ends. My hair is light brown and it always gets tangled quickly after I comb it because of it's frizziness. I don't like how dry it feels. I'm just wondering, does the hair salon treat your hair? And if so, what do I ask?

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    You can do one at home. If you put olive oil on your hair for 30 minutes it makes it soft and not frizzy. Less expensive. It doesn't even have to be olive oil. You can use which.ever one you have in hand. Even baby oil.

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    I don't know if all hair salon do this but ask if they have a Moroccan oil hair treatment. but its expensive. if you don't want to spend that much on it I would go to the store and buy regular Moroccan oil and a de-frizzier. I do that to mine and its smooth and less frizzy.

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    Yep, argan oil will sort you out. I agree with lorelai on this one. That stuff will help with split ends

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