Is it possible to remotely access someone's computer but only have access to one application?

I need to do invoicing for my boss. He has QuickBooks on his Mac and I would like to do it by remotely accessing his computer, but I've no need to see anything else on his computer and would like to access JUST QuickBooks. I am trying to avoid having to do double entries. We may switch to QuickBooks Online but would rather just work with what he already has if possible rather than set something new up. I have a MacBook Pro, so we're looking for Mac software. There seem to be lots of remote access apps out there but I haven't found one that gives you access to specific applications.


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    8 years ago
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    No. They ALL allow full access. Also there are issues using this as it would conflict with his use of the machine. It is NOT the answer to multiple use, you need a network version of the software. And quite honestly Quick Books is nowhere near good enough for any decent company.

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