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a vast knowledge of world affairs?

My teacher says its important to have a vast knowledge of world affairs. I agree because its interesting but why would it actually be important to have this vast knowledge of current world affairs?

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    Your teacher is correct, but for one omission.

    American media (television, radio and newspaper) are owned primarily by 5 corporations. They control over 80% of ALL information Americans get everyday.

    (This is a fact, you can research this yourself)

    The problem is they in turn have interests, money and executives sitting on other corporate boards that decide government agenda. For example, executives who decide what to air on television news also have vast holdings in Lockheed Martin; a huge multi billion dollar weapons manufacturer. Promoting war makes them very very rich. So, given the people like this would naturally lobby Washington to promote military action in foreign countries.

    Currently, there are about 40 lobbyists for every US senator (there are 538 senators) in Washington.

    The point of this exercise is to help you understand the world affairs are artificially given to the average US citizen from the media they tune in each and everyday. This is called "Perception Management". In 1939 the Nazis called it domestic propaganda to convince their people war was necessary. The US does this today with calls of terrorists, WMD's and false flag operations.

    Current world affairs is really just another name. However, as the current academic level of US school graduates declines because of a conscious effort to keep her citizens just smart enough to do basic jobs for low wages and have complete ignorance of the world around them, then the select few who dictate US world policy will have a free hand. If need be, the propaganda kicks into high gear demanding patriotic people to come forth for military invasions at the bequest of these same corporations mentioned earlier.

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    So you do not one day put your foot in your mouth.

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