I think my boyfriend just called me fat?

Well this morning I was the only one up, so I decided to make breakfast muffins. When they were done, my boyfriend of 7 months (he is staying at my house while his house gets renovated) came downstairs and looked at the muffins. Then he said, "you shouldn't have made those." And I said "why" and he said "you don't need that do you?" I said "they are muffins, not cupcakes..." He sighed and handed me a gym membership. Our next convo went like this:

Me: what is this?

Bf: a gym membership my buddy got me, but you need it more than I do.

Me: *insulted facial expression*

Bf: listen, I gotta go to some errands. You go to the gym today ok honey?

Me: *still insulted*

Bf: it's hard, but it will pay off. Love you, bye.

Then he fled out the door. I'm 5'7 and weigh 130 pounds. I am not overweight!

Did he call me fat? What should I do about this?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Tell him that if he doesn't like what he sees he can get his arze back to his uninhabitable house and lump it.

    Or go to the gym and the tell your boyfriend in exquisite detail about all the rippling muscles on the guys who work out there.

    Seriously he is a cheeky sod who needs to learn to respect you or it will all go downhill from here! He's already sponging off you living for free in your house! He's getting too comfortable now that his feet are under the table. He's starting to abuse you in little ways. First your hospitality, now your feelings..... Don't pass up the free gym membership, but make it 100% clear you are not going so you can more properly fit his idea of arm candy.

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  • 7 years ago

    umm okay, it does kinds seem like he called you fat.. I would dump him, but if you really want to stay with him, you should talk about this with him. we live in a conceited world and we want the person were with to look amazing, so mabey he think you could lose a few pounds but if it bothers you talk to him or dump him, cause that was rude of him and he didn't seem to overly concerned about your feeling and he most deffinetly saw your expressions and continued to insult you, so you should think about this then make a move.

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  • Yanely
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    7 years ago

    If he was worried about your health, he would of given you a lecture about eating healthier.

    How he approached you about the gym was wwaaayyy out of line. You need to confront him about it.

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  • 7 years ago

    Honestly he could just be looking out for your health... or hes a complete *******... Hard to tell... give him the benefit of the doubt... until he does it again... if he does it again then hes calling you fat...

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  • 7 years ago

    dunno i live with a coupl and the guy is like this to the girl aswell. I dunno if its as simple as tryna call her fat though I think he just wants to see her put in the effort and feel the burn or woteva no1 wants to feel like their partna is gettin lazy or givin up on themselves now they in a relationship they want to see u still into life and blivin in ureself - but ure light for ure height so maybe hes just scared of it happenin eitha way *** him as lng as u know ure in control x

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