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The U.S. makes a huge deal about the 911 attacks....?

but they nuked 2 Japaneses cities in WWII. Does anyone else think this is a little arrogant. I know the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor but that was a military base, they didn't have to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. What are your opinions?

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    My opinion...

    "but they nuked 2 Japaneses cities in WWII. Does anyone else think this is a little arrogant."

    Firstly I wish people would learn their history a little better before they offer opinion.

    Point one...

    It was hardly the 'USA dropping the atomic bomb'.

    "The Manhattan Project was a research and development program by the United States with the United Kingdom and Canada that produced the first atomic bomb during World War II..."

    "It is agreed between us

    First, that we will never use this agency against each other.

    Secondly, that we will not use it against third parties without each other's consent..."

    The atomic bomb [Manhattan Project] was a partnership between the three largest western allies of the day with Russia omitted by design... and as such no one partner could use it without the approval and agreement of all eg they were all in on the decision.

    That was why the Manhattan Project was created, to nuke Germany... because Germany had a nuclear program going with every intent to nuke Britain Russia and the USA... they even were developing bombers that could reach the USA to deliver it.

    Point two...

    The Geneva Convention forbids a military from waging war on civilians, tis true.

    It is equally true the Germans and Japanese were arming their civilians giving them the mandate to take the war to the Allies in defense of their homeland.

    The second any civilian takes up arms they are no longer civilians protected by civil law but instead are armed combatants who by their own hand have given up any pretense of civility. Being armed combatants they are fair game, by choice [they just as easily could hold a white flag instead].

    Point three...

    A state of war existed between the USA and Japan.

    No such state of war existed during 911, those civilians did not have weapons and were given no chance at surrender - they were given no chance period.

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    The traditional American view of the decision to use an atomic bomb was that there would be fewer overall casualties, including fewer civilian casualties, if Japan would surrender rather than force the Allies to fight a land and sea war all the way to Tokyo.

    The Japanese did not capitulate after the first bomb; so a second was dropped.

    Japan did not "just attack Pearl Harbor". They were at war all over Asia including China and the Philippines. During WWII China and the US were de facto allies.

    The bombing of Japan stopped once Japan surrendered. The demands (if met) that would stop terrorists from bombing are not nearly as clear

    You would also do well to learn about the retaliation bombings of Germany once the Allies had gained air control. This was pure revenge on civilians. Dresden is one of the more famous examples.

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    Hiroshima nad Nagasaki were military targets.

    The Japanese killed more civilians during the Nanking Massacre than the 2 a-bomb attacks put together.

    Wars are about kiling the enemy,limiting your own losses,and wining as quickly as possible.The a-bomb attacks in WW2 achieved all of these - and saved a lot of Japanese lives as well in the long term,as the alternative was a land invasion which would have trashed the whole of Japan and seen millions of civiliamn casualties during its course.

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    Disingenuously taking these events entirely out of context and comaparing them on an equal footing os still more arrogant than that. The Japanese attacked a peaceful nation, murdering many people in the process and starting a war, allied to Hitler who was gassing millions of Jews...and the manner in which they waged that war justified stopping it as it was done. The 911 attacks WERE a Huge Deal. As the war ended in Japan, those US POWs still alive had gasoline poured over them and were set on fire by their Japanese guards. During their internment, they were beaten with chains and beheaded by Kawasaki who owned and ran the camps... and are now off scotfree.

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    The Japanese in there militarily depleted state,were training there civilian population to fight with spears and sticks to preserve honor.The Bushido code was still used by hardliners,so,they were preparing for an invasion.To ready all allied forces for invasion if it was to take place would have very high casualties on both sides.This was unacceptable.

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    I think 911 is such a huge deal because between Pearl Harbor and 911, the country hadn't been attacked at all. That's a 60 year gap. The US doesn't get attacked as much as other countries. I think the last war fought on mainland America was our Civil War in the 1860s. We don't ever think of ourselves being attacked or invaded by other countries because it hadn't happened for so long.

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    I lived in Japan for a year in l955--far from the US Ar Base, in one wing of a Japanese family's home. I learned enough Japanese to travel over Kyushu by myself and learned to read Hiragana and Katakana. My landlords' Daughter and I used to talk re the war and she told me that their Emperor had told the people that if the Americans made it up through the southern islands to Kyushu, that the Americans would kill evey man, woman and child. Thereby trying to get the population to fight to their death. She told me that they were so surprised when they saw their first American soldier and they were passing out chocolate bars to the children. I do think that lives were saved by the dropping of the A-bomb.

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    Your kind of comparing apples and oranges here. We were at war with Japan when we dropped the nukes, we gave them PLENTY of warnings, and even though it was a military base a lot of civilians were killed. Thousands of Americans lost their life's that day. Plus the Japense were horrible people. During their fight with the Chinese they surrounded and captured a Chinese city. They killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in that town. They had competitions to see who could kill the most people with a samurai sword. Sadly we are not taught about this stuff in our history class. I had no idea about it untill one my Chinese friends in college told me. They were bloodthirsty and somebody had to put them in their place and that's exactly what the nuke did. Was it right to kill innocent civilians? No, it never is. But just beating them in the conventional war would have done nothing, they would have continued to bully other countries and kill their innocent. The terrorist attack was different because there was no warning, they killed innocent people, and it was all for no other reason then we believed in freedom of religion.

    Heres a link to the chinese massacre

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    Your mind is obviously already made up so why bother?

    A simple answer to a complex question frequently reflects more of the asker than the situation.......

    But don worry , Canada, the United States stands on guard for thee.....

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