How to convert cm^2 to meter?

I need help to convert cm^2 to meters and vice versa . Please i really need help to calculate pressure which is F/A in which A is area that is supposed to be in m. Correct me if im wrong but 10Newton really is 1kg right?

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    cm^2 is the unit of Area whereas m is the unit of length. So one can't be converted to the other because they are different quantities.

    However cm to m, you divide by 100 e.g 200cm = 2m

    cm^2 to m^2, you divide by 100 twice e.g 200cm^2 = 200/100/100=0.02m^2

    The standard unit of area is m^2 and not m

    10Newton is equivalent to 1kg after multiplying acceleration due to gravity g=10ms^-2 by 1kg

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    Pressure = Force per unit area = F/A

    area has dimensions of m x m = m^2

    Also, Force (N) = mass (kg) x acceleration (m/s^2)

    So, Pressure (Pascals) = mass (kg) x acceleration (m/s^2) / Area (m^2)..............(1)

    So, the units for pressure are Pascals = kg / (m x s^2)

    So, you actually need to convert the area in cm^2 into m^2 first. 1m^2 = 10000cm^2

    The use a value of 9.8 m/s^2 for the acceleration due to gravity, and include the mass in equation (1) above and you should be able to get the right answer.

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    No, you need help to convert cm² to m² !

    {You are going to get a lot of indignant answers saying "A metre is a measure of length, not area!!!" }

    There are 100 cm in a metre.

    {You also need to learn about the metric prefixes. There are quite a lot of them. c stands for 'centi' meaning a hundredth. }

    Anyway. Imagine a huge sheet of graph paper 100 cm by 100 cm. That's one metre by 1 metre or 1 m² How many centimetre squares does it contain? 100 * 100 = 10000. Yes?

    So to convert cm² to m² you need to divide by 10000.

    {More outrage on the way :-) 10 N is the gravitational weight force due to a mass of 1 kg. (A better approximation is 9.81 N, but 10 N is considered near enough for 'educational purposes'. }

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    presuming ur trying to convert cm^2 to m^2

    1 cm^2 = 0.0001 m^2

    1 m^2 = 10,000 cm^2

    cm^2 to m^2 => divide by 10000

    m^2 to cm^2 -> multiply by 10000

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    10,000 cm^2 = 1 m^2

    1 kg x 9.81 (acceleration due to gravity) = 9.81 Newtons

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