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AL East standings predictions?

I don't understand how so many people are saying that the AL East is no longer the toughest division in baseball. I mean, come on, it's the only division in baseball where a legitimate case can be made for all 5 teams to lead the division. There's not one weak team.

With that being said, how do you think the standings will be in the AL East? Don't worry about wins/losses, just state how it'll play out.

My prediction:

1. Blue Jays

2. Rays

3. Orioles

4. Yankees

5. Red Sox

If you want best answer, make a good case for your standings (they don't have to be the same as mine to get best answer).

If you want my reasons:

1. The Blue Jays are the most complete team of them all, they have little to no holes. Their bullpen is the weakest out of all 5 teams, but their new manager, John Gibbons, has been known to be very good at utilizing the bullpen. Besides, with their starting five, the bullpen shouldn't be overworked.

2. The Rays have a lot of upside, but they are very unproven. They have the weakest offense in the division, so it's their rotation that carries the team. They lost James Shields, so their only starter who's a bonafide 200+ IP guy is David Price.

3. A young core that should take a step forward from last year. Their record should fall -- they had a lot of luck on their side in '12, luck that doesn't always -- but they should still be good.

4. Unlike the Orioles, the Yankees will take a step back as they get older. They've lost a lot of home run power, a method of scoring runs which they've heavily relied upon the past few seasons. Other than Granderson and Cano, the Yankees roster is mainly filled with players who have passed their prime. They will still be good, just not good enough.

5. The Red Sox are complete wild cards. There is absolutely no predicting how they'll fare, but I'm not so sure whether they'll be compete with the other teams in this division. They are a very good team, they'd probably be challenging for a title in any other division, but not this one.

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    Best Answer

    1. Blue Jays

    2. Yankees

    3. Rays

    4. Red Sox

    5. Orioles

    1. All of my bias aside, I don't know how anyone can deny that the Blue Jays are the most talented team in the AL East. For years, they've had potent bats but sub-par pitching has always left them hovering around .500. Now they have completely revamped the rotation with Dickey, reigning NL Cy Young Award winner (and contrary to some beliefs, NOT a fluke if you look at his last 3 years since he mastered the knuckleball), Josh Johnson, who is a quality pitcher when healthy, and Mark Buehrle, who is a consistent workhorse. Brandon Morrow is a fantastic pitcher as well and all he needs to do is stay healthy. J.A. Happ is a competent #5 pitcher and as long as he gets a little run support, I think he will do very well. As for the bats, Bautista will be coming back healthy from his injury, Encarnacion is coming off a career year, and the additions of Reyes and Cabrera to the top of the order will make their offense even better. I agree that their 'pen is their weakness, but it's really not that bad anymore now that they have Delabar.

    2. Although everyone is predicting for the Yankees to fall off, I don't think it will happen. I expect a slow start due to their injuries, but they are a resilient franchise that has proven they know how to win and will do whatever it takes. Sabathia and Kuroda are two pretty good starters so it's not like their pitching is that bad. Truthfully, as long as they keep scoring runs like they have in the past, they will at least take a wild card spot, which is what I am expecting.

    3. The Rays are a good team but are only 3rd for me because their hitting is below average. They have a great rotation and a great bullpen but I just think their bats are so bad that it will end up costing them. Aside from Zobrist, Longoria, and Jennings, what else do they have?

    4. I put the Red Sox at #4, but it is close between them and the O's. I expect Lester to rebound, but even assuming that their pitching still sucks after him. Their bats are, other than Pedroia and Middlebrooks, a bunch of guys who are eithers scrubs or injury prone. Despite all the sh*t Valentine took last year, it wasn't all his fault really and John Farrell is an average manager.

    5. I think the O's were a fluke last year. They won a lot of close games that they had no business winning and it will catch up with them this year. Their pitchers are still young and unreliable and other than Adam Jones, I don't trust their hitting. After overachieving last year, expect them to come back to Earth this year.

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    I flatout laugh at the people that think the Blue Jays are the best team in the AL east. Seriously this team lost 89 games last year and lets be real that trade with the Marlins really didn't help them that much. Buehrle gets roughed up by the Yankees and Red Sox, I watched the guy pitch for 12 seasons, he's up and down but will give ya innings. Reyes is probably the most overrated SS in baseball, his only assist is that he's fast but he'll slow down with age, he's not that good of a hitter and really not that good of a SS. Josh Johnson isn't anything special, he'll be another flock coming over from the NL to the AL and will bust. Melky Cabrera flatout sucks, the guy is a steroid user and was never that good to begin with. Also hiring John Gibbons to be the manager AGAIN was a stupid mistake that will cost the team, he fights with players and really isn't going to do much different than Farrell did. The Blue Jays will win between 75-80 games.

    1) Rays

    2) Yankees

    3) Orioles

    4) Blue Jays

    5) Red Sox

    Also LMAO @ calling a team that lost 93 games last year very good and saying they'd probably be challenging for a title in any other division, no moron 93 losses isn't going to challenge for a title in any division.

    @100% steel: With all the offense the Yankees have lost you still expect them to score runs at will? I don't.

  • T1 Blue Jays, Red Sox

    T3 Orioles, Rays

    5 Yankees

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  • 1st- Red Sox

    2nd- Blue Jays

    3rd- Orioles

    4th- Rays

    5th- Yankees

  • AGM
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    7 years ago

    1st- Blue Jays

    2nd- Rays

    3rd- Orioles

    4th- Yankees

    5th- Red Sox

    It would very suprise if Red Sox and Yankees are not in the playoffs for the 1st time in years.

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