How can I get a 96+ average in Grade 12?

Hey, I'm in Grade 11 right now with an average of about 92 or 93%, but the program I really want to get into for uni shows accepting people usually with 95/96 or higher. I have a reasonably good work ethic, and often find it normal to find myself working from 4 pm to 3 am everyday just because there is so much (I take 9 academic courses and an AP course). I'm doing 7 next year, which I suppose is quite good, with two of those beng fairly easy and am confident of getting 100% in each.

What I am asking though, is I study very hard as is, but I just am not for some reason able to boost my average to a 95+. Any ideas on how I can do it??

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  • 8 years ago
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    You could ask your teachers if you could do some extra credit

  • Bob
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    8 years ago

    By studying 24/7 and doing extra credit.

  • I'm only in middle school, in Grade 8, but I know some things: if you want to improve your grade, you must ask your teacher what you could do better, and you must not get jealous of anyone and ask their grades, and if theirs is better, you should see what they did and why it's better. I often do that and get top marks, though not always the best. Ask your teacher why you got a lower mark than you wanted, and look at better examples. Ask what you could do and why your teacher graded your. More important: ask your teacher HOW your marks are divided.

  • 4 years ago

    If you want to be able to learn better, just do that. Prefer up a book that you like and browse it. English is my 2nd language too, so i know what i am speaking about. I would propose Stephen King books when you consider that the dialogue in his books are much like real lifestyles (also i am keen on King! :-p) As for what you must be trained in tuition, YOU must make that choice. I personally am a Chemical Engineering primary and i adore it so far. If math, physics, and chemistry are your thing (and with the aid of your ratings it appears they're), then check it out. Experiment with specific courses, and you're definite to return up on one that you just simply love. Hope this helps! :-) send me a message if you want to understand more about majoring in chemical engineering.

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