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How do I get motivated and get out of depression?

U see, I am the topper of my class, i can play keyboard quite well ( i hv bachelor's degree in music), people say i am smart looking but extremely modest and quite good at heart. People keep admiring me all the time.

But the truth is, i feel quite lonely, my ex-gf was and is a bad-***, and i got no one to talk to or get motivation. I feel all the time as though there is a huge gap in my life, and I just can't focus on anything. I feel as though I don't want to be great anymore, I don't want people to admire me anymore.

How do I get out of this loneliness and start looking at things more positively???

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    find something to live for. What I'd do is start a project (e.g. learn a new language, start a new sport/instrument) it'll help you get more motivated and you'll have a goal to look forward to. it can be a smaller goal too, like drawing a picture, and then once you've completed your goal, you take up another one! it'll make you think in a more positive way and give you something to look forward too :) also, if you want your goal could involve more people, e.g. a competition with a friend and that should help with the loneliness

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    Watch "Life of Pi" and be glad your not stuck in a boat on the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal Tiger :)

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