How to adjust trouttal for Nisan Altima 2002 2.5 L?

I went to garage and they tried to clean trouttal but now they don't know how to adjust idle . Car makes knoices like race car rpm changes from 700 to 2000 while in park . They even think perhaps the trouttle body is damaged . Please help me

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  • g-man
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    8 years ago
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    there are a number of components that could cause your problems. First off, there shouldn't be any problem cleaning the throttle body its a pretty straightforward process. If after cleaning it there's still idle issues have the IAC and the TPS sensor checked. Take your car to one of the parts stores that will scan it for free to see if there's any codes stored as that's your best bet as a starting point. Your car has an electronic engine control module which controls virtually all aspects of engine operation so trying to adjust the throttle is probably not even possible. If the engine RPM is varying as much as you say its there's a component that's faulty or the ECM itself.

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