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Differently styled girl names starting with an a?

I'm looking for 5 girl names starting with a that are differently styled, but also sound nice together. I want them all to be interesting, but not weirdly so.

Can you think of some names starting with a that fit into these categories?

1. Softer, more old fashionedI

2. Funky and kind of spunky (didn't mean for that to rhyme)

3. Nature related

4. Old fashioned chic - like Audrey

5. Greek/roman or other mythologies related

Can you please put at least one in each category? But please try and put more for more options. Please say which category the names are for.


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    Softer, Old-Fashioned

    Adelina, Alice, Althea, Amalia, Annabella, Arabella, Aurelia, Aurora, Anastasia


    Aisling, Adara, Amaris, Alessia, Angelina

    Nature Related

    Azalea, Autumn, Amber, Adair, Auburn, Azure, Aspen

    Chic, Old-Fashioned

    Audrey, Adele, Aubrey, Aubrielle, Alba, Allegra, Ariana, Ada, Amberly, Ariane, Angelique, Andrea


    Athena, Aria, Ara, Adonia, Alexandria, Alena, Agneta, Agatha, Alyssa, Aphrodite, Astrid, Andromeda, Ambrosine

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    Soft and old fashioned: Amy Anna Annie

    Funky and spunky: Azlyn Anya Ava

    Natural: Acacia Aspen Azalea

    Old fashioned and chic: Ayesha Ailsie Angelina

    Mythical: Adonia Aurora Aphrodite

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    1. Softer, more historical fashionedI Aurora Arraabella Antoinette Andrea Alison Ava Alice Adelaide Amelia Angelica 2. Funky and sort of spunky (didn't mean for that to rhyme) Arrow Alina Alanah Azura Annika Ainslee 3. Nature related Aurora (manner daybreak) Autumn Amber 4. Historic common chic - like Audrey Annabel Annabeth Audrina Anne 5. Greek/roman or other mythologies associated Andromeda Antigone Arriadni Artemis Athena Aphrodite 6. Location names Aisha Africa

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    Anastasia, Anna, Ann, Annie, Anabel, Analiese, Annabeth, Annemarie, Annamarie, Annamaria, Annabella, Arabelle, Arabella, Ariana, Arianne, Adrienne, Adriana, Adele, Adela, Adelaide, Addie, Addison, Alice, Allison, Alicia, Annette, Anita, Anais, Aude, Audra, Audrey, Aubrey, Aubriella, Audrina, Anya, Ayla, Abba, Alla, Ada, Alba, Alma, Amalie, Amora, Azura, Azaelea, Anemone, Aryn, Astrid, Aster, Acorn, Avon, Ava, Avalyn, Avalon, Ave, Aven, Avrielle, Avriella, Aubrielle, Augusta, Augustina, August, Augustine, Attica, Adeline, Abalone, Ashley, Ashlyn, Avery, April, Afton, Aura, Auralee, Aurora, Aria, Allegra, Alexandra, Alexa, Alexis, Alexandria, Allesandra, Alyssa, Alaine, Alaina, Alondra, Alana, Awanda, Agnes, Ag, Aggie, Agatha, Aphrodite, Apollonia, Apolloline, Apollolina, Apple, Athena, Artemis, Artura, Annuciation, Ainsley, Aileen, Atla, Alaska, Akeena, Aquina, Aquanette, Aquanetta, Amanda, Amelia, Amy, Anon, Anise, Apron, Arista, Axelle, Axella, Alliyah, Aysandra,

    That's all the A names I could think of. Good luck

    These would be my picks






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    1. Alicia, Adelaide, Adeline, Adah, Alice, Amelia, Aliena, Ariella

    2. Alix, Aaliyah, Artie

    3. Aster, Azalea, Autumn, Acacia

    4. Ava, Aubrielle, Adrienne, Arabella, Alba

    5. Aurora, Andromeda, Ariadne, Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite, Antigone

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    1. Softer, more old fashioned - Abigail, Ada, Amalia

    2. Funky and kind of spunky - Astrid, Agnes, Anouk, Axelle

    3. Nature related - Acacia, Azure

    4. Old fashioned chic - Adele, Alice, Amelia

    5. Greek/roman or other mythologies related - Antigone, Apollonia

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    1. Agatha or Amélie are quite old-fashioned and soft. I imagine women from the 1880's-1920's

    2. Alex, Alexis or Alexxa. Anything with the letter X will usually be kind of trendy.

    3. Amethyst comes to mind instantly. Aurora, Aspen, April, Autumn. There's a lot of choice with nature names because... there's so much nature in the world!

    4. Honestly Audrey is the only thing that comes to mind but you already wrote that.

    5. Athena! One of my FAVOURITE names of all time.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1. Aubyn, Alice, Anna

    2. Arianna, Alexia, Aurora

    3. Autumn

    5. Amelia, Audrey, Amelie, Andrea

    6. Athena, Anastasia

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    1) Ashleigh, Audrey, Adelaide, Adeline, Annabella

    2) Adrielle, Atrina, Alexa, Ariel, Andrea

    3) Aspen, Ainsley, Amber, Autumn, Ava

    4) Adrianna, Alessandra, Armani, Adele, Annalisa

    5) Athena, Alexandra, Aphrodite, Ariadne, Aurora

    Each number and list of names is coordinated with your list up top. My top five together would be Adeline, Alexa, Autumn, Annalisa, and Ariadne.

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