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Why can't I hear God?

I pray as much as I can but sometimes I feel no one is listening. I don't understand why. I know things from the Bible and some people say they can hear God but I can't when he responds. Why is that?

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    "That's because you're not listening!" - Jackie Chan. But seriously, you need to actually read the Bible first. Reading the Word is first before praying because faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God and without faith it is impossible to please God. You need faith to contact God and spiritual faith that builds up when you read his Word. But of all this, love God and love him first and he will draw near you.

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    Well, if a spirit did talk to you..., it would be difficult for him to convince you that he was a god without some sort of miracle, if that is what you believed he would normally do. You might believe it was a spirit.., but would you accept it was God without proof? Would you just accept his word if he claimed to be God?

    I have a spirit in me that has been talking with me since 1987.

    I was heavily involved with methamphetamine at the time. I had been using drugs since I was 12. That was in December of 1972 that I started.

    Because of the drugs..,, no one believed it was anything other than a hallucination. One that has persisted, as far as my family believes.

    There is peyote. There are psilocybin mushrooms. Both would have been created with the fore knowledge of the effect of our consuming them. They are here for a reason.

    It is a crazy experience. I now consider 'life' to be a nightmare. And the spirit to be a psychedelic nightmare.

    It could be punishment for my sins. Drugs, sales.., the usual. Like 'a living hell' for me.

    But getting an answer isn't the experience that you might think that it would be. There is a lot that you would be expecting to hear, that he wouldn't say. If you were asking certain questions... If he told you the same things I was told.., you wouldn't feel very good for awhile.

    The only way out to avoid lying, or hurting your feelings, would be to avoid the situation entirely. People wouldn't like hearing some of the things I have heard. And if you didn't freak out.., no one else would believe you had heard from a spirit at all, anyway.

    Never mind anyone accepting that God has spoken to you. That would never happen. They would never believe that. If they believed it was a spirit.., then it is a demon.

    Just wait it out. There is a spirit in you that hears your prayers. If he isn't talking to you in words that you can understand.., that isn't the only way that it can be done. And it is done to everyone.

    He is the author of our dreams. Reminds us of things. Makes us obsessed at times. Gives us a guilty feeling.

    I can't answer for the spirit in you. But, there is at least one there. Don't worry about it. Just keep on taking care of your life, and everything will be as okay as it can be.


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    You are filled with the Sinning Ego, The Satan, Selfishness, Pride, Lust, Envy, Greed, Laziness, Fornications...

    The more you awaken consciousness, the more Divine experiences you will have . . .

    Meditation is in the Bible as a Commandment, therefore, learn from the Buddhists how to meditate.

    I am sure your mind and heart are too chaotic to hear the Still Soft Voice....

    The plural "I" we all have is the sum of our psychological defects due to attachment to a false self and original sin (orgasm).

    If you do not love and help others, you cannot be With God.

    If you worship the orgasm you will not be With God.

    Dream Yoga is in the Bible and is Terribly Divine...

    So, the more we annihilate the ego, the more we awaken our own inner individual Divinity.

    The Complete Process of Spiritual Awakening was taught publicly in the book The Perfect Matrimony by Samael Aun Weor.

    The Gnostics Know and Share the complete Science of Awakening.

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    You're expectations are all wrong. First of all, when somebody listens to you, that's not something you should expect to feel. There's no feeling associated with being heard. Second, God doesn't ordinary respond to prayers to talking back to people. It isn't that you can't hear God; it's that he's not speaking to you.

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    Maybe you're praying to the wrong God. Try Thor. Or Freya. You may get an answer. Hell just go outside and sit in the grass and open your mind. Perhaps Gaia herself will answer you.

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    Many of us have been put a distance from the Lord, but we must have faith. Don't listen to your feelings, trust that God loves you so much that he sent his only son to die on your behalf. God's listening, believe that.

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    If you breath God is in you! God is everything you hear! God is love, give your love to all beings!

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    You are listening with your ears not your heart. God will praise you for doing good share his love and you will hear him. But no matter what know he is there

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    HOw to hear and obey Gods voice by Joy Dawson! read that book. I did. First you have to humble yourself, yield to his will, follow him to a T not join A RELIGION! be in my group we talk and walk with god you can join. email me and text me wel not a group yet im just geting started. God bless!

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    It's because you, like most other humans of today, no longer have a bicameral mind.

    The human brain and or mind have evolved (or changed) over the past few thousand years.

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