What kind of clothing style would my character wear?

She's the silent type. Really, well I could say boring (but she's not, she sees the world very differently since she observes a lot). By boring I mean, she likes tv like anyone else, doesn't read that much, doesn't have any close friends.

Her clothes are often a bit messy since she doesn't bother taking care of them, and her hair is a bit longer than normal people but she always have two braids because she doesn't bother taking care of it.

Sorry if there are a few faults, my first language is french.

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  • Maria
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    8 years ago
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    Maybe something baggy. A long, closed coat that's doesn't hug her shape, over a simple t-shirt and jeans? Baggy pants? Maybe people see her wearing the same outfit all the time and make comments on it.

  • fieger
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    4 years ago

    in truth they say do not placed on sweatpants outdoors of the abode. T-shirts and jeans are wonderful. the *** usually make relaxing of people for wearing white shoes. If that is what you mean by technique of athletic shoes, i'd recommend something extra like sketchers. yet in truth, no, you do not ought to placed on matches or gown shirts each day. (not in any respect hurts to carry one basically in case although.)

  • 8 years ago

    Hot drees u have to wear

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