Please rate & comment on these boy names.?

S/O and I are expecting #3, and we are really cheering for a boy as we have already two girls (Ada Charlotte and Ceilidh Gwendolen). These are the boy names my S/O and I have had picked out since we first found out we were pregnant with Ada over two years ago. I personally would love to know personal opinion on some of our top combos.

Victor Marshall

Jasper Anthony

Jeremy Rhys

Sebastian Edward

Gregory Evan

Damian Wyatt

Jacob Roarke

William Hector

Owen Felix

Wyatt Ambrose

Eden Jacoby

Tristan Elliot

Mackenzie Lachlan

Laken Mckinley

Thanks for your time, the MOST detailed and helpful answer will get BA.

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  • Joey
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    7 years ago
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    Victor Marshall - this is way too harsh for a little boy, I like Victor, and I don't dislike Marshall, but it's too much together

    Jasper Anthony - Jasper is one of my favourite names, but Anthony is one of my most hated

    Jeremy Rhys - I quite like Jeremy, and I love Rhys, but the repeated R sound throws the combo off

    Sebastian Edward - this name is AWESOME and goes perfectly with your girls

    Gregory Evan - giving me that same feeling as Victor Marshall, but Evan Gregory would be lovely

    Damian Wyatt - Damian is an ok name, nothing spectacular, Wyatt makes me physically retch

    Jacob Roarke - love this, nothing else to say.

    William Hector - awesome name but terrible with your girls, maybe Hector would be better with a softer name like Jacob

    Owen Felix - this is a lovely name

    Wyatt Ambrose - you know how I feel about Wyatt, it's even worse as a first name, Ambrose is super cool but definitely safer as a middle

    Eden Jacoby - love this, possibly my favourite of your list

    Tristan Elliot - I have both names on my list (Tristan Kingsley and Skyler Elliot) so I love it

    Mackenzie Lachlan - proper good Scottish name, we have Mackenzie Jasper on our list, but my fiance hates Lachlan (but he's actually Scottish, so his accent makes this name amazing)

    Lachlan Mckinley - Mckinley is nowhere near as epic as Mackenzie

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  • 7 years ago

    Victor Marshall - (9) It's a good name, though I don't much care for Victor.

    Jasper Anthony - (9) I like this name, though I always associated Jasper with a pet (dog or cat).

    Jeremy Rhys - (10) Excellent name!

    Sebastian Edward - (8) Love the name Sebastian, hate the name Edward, though they flow well together.

    Gregory Evan - (6) There are too many "eh" sounds squashed together.

    Damian Wyatt - (5) I just personally don't like the name Wyatt.

    Jacob Roarke - (3) I consider Roarke to be a last name.

    William Hector - (3) Love William, hate Hector.

    Owen Felix - (5) Love Owen, but Felix is a cat.

    Wyatt Ambrose - (2) I don't like the name Wyatt, and Ambrose reminds me of ambrosia salad.

    Eden Jacoby - (1) Eden isn't a boy's name, and it doesn't sound right when paired with Jacoby.

    Tristan Elliot - (9) Love Tristan, love Elliot, both flow well together.

    Mackenzie Lachlan - (1) HATE Mackenzie for a boy, and Lachlan reminds me of the Loch Ness Monster.

    Laken McKinley - (0) Laken is just plain weird, and McKinley is either a last name, or Mc added onto a girl's name.

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  • 7 years ago

    I actually really like all of them! My favorites would have to be Jasper Anthony, Sebastian Edward, and Owen Felix. They all really flow well together and are unique! Laken Mckinley is pretty adorable too! I can see why you are having trouble picking just one :)

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  • rieder
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    4 years ago

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