Please rate & comment in these boy names (repost)?

This is being reposted because I only got two actual legit answers last time around. Though they were more than helpful, I am still interested in more diverse responses. So thank you and bare with me.

S/O and I are expecting #3, and we are really cheering for a boy as we have already two girls (Ada Charlotte and Ceilidh Gwendolen). These are the boy names my S/O and I have had picked out since we first found out we were pregnant with Ada over two years ago. I personally would love to know personal opinion on some of our top combos.

Victor Marshall

Jasper Anthony

Jeremy Rhys

Sebastian Edward

Gregory Evan

Damian Wyatt

Jacob Roarke

William Hector

Owen Felix

Wyatt Ambrose

Eden Jacoby

Tristan Elliot

Mackenzie Lachlan

Laken Mckinley

Thanks for your time, the MOST detailed and helpful answer will get BA.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Victor Marshall - Very strong name. I like it. 8/10

    Jasper Anthony - Jasper is one of my favorites... I think Anthony goes very well with it. 10/10

    Jeremy Rhys - Jeremy is such a lovely name and isn't used as much as it should. Rhys is great as well. 8/10

    Sebastian Edward - I am not fond of Sebastian. I feel like he would be made fun of because of the little Mermaid, Sebastian the crab. 4/10

    Gregory Evan - Evan is sweet, I just don't like Gregory.Gregory is just so boring. I think Gregory is a name you either love or hate. 6/10

    Damian Wyatt - I think this is sweet. Wyatt complements Damian so very well... 8/10

    Jacob Roarke - Well this is adorable! I don't know what you would call him (Jacob, Jake, Jack) But I think Jacob is adorable and timeless! 9/10

    William Hector - I love William, it is timeless and galiant. I just am not sure Hector goes well with it... They flow well enough, they just don't seem to match. 8/10

    Owen Felix - Aww, this is very sweet. I love Felix, but I would never use it as a first name. It works beautifully as a middle. 9/10

    Wyatt Ambrose - Wyatt is lovely, Ambrose is such an old fashioned name. That isn't a bad thing though! I love old fashioned names. They complement eachother well and I think both names go very well with your girls' names...9/10

    Eden Jacoby - I don't like Jacoby. I think Jacob is nice, just am not a fan of Jacoby. If it is a family surname, the middle makes sense, but if you just like the name, I suggest choosing a different one. Eden is lovely, but it is used too much as a girl name now! 5/10

    Tristan Elliot - Tristian has always reminded me of a cracker. Like Triscuit Crackers... Elliot is one of my absolute favorites! Yes to Elliot absolutely no to Tristain. 6/10

    Mackenzie Lachlan - Same as Eden! Mackenzie is such a fine name - for a boy! Now it is just used on girls and it drives me insane! If you are ok with this, go for it. Lachlan is fabulous. I have always loved it. 7/10

    Laken Mckinley - Gorgeous name. My favorite so far. Goes so well together! 10/10

    Best of luck to you all! God bless, hope I helped :)

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Victor Marshall- I personally really like this name because it is really sweet but i think it is a bit dated and old although now it is unpopular so it would be nice for your child to have an individual name! I don't really like the name Marshall though?

    Jasper Anthony- I love both these names expecially Jasper i think it is lovely for a boy... it is a really cute and innocent name

    Jeremy Rhys- I don't like either of these names because i know so many people with the names i think it is great to have something slightly diffarent it gives you a bit of individuality and edge

    Sebastian Edward- Although Sebastian is a rare name i find it awful and Edward again is just too common

    Gregory Evan- I like this name together it sounds nice, Although i dislike the name Gregory i think it sounds strange when pronouncing it? Evan is nice though.. quite diffarent

    Damian Wyatt- I don't like any of these names and don't even have a reason to

    Jacob Roarke- Jacob is a very common name although it is really lovely so would go great with something out here and diffarent expecially something strange like Roarke

    William Hector- I think both of these names are to old to go together

    Owen Felix- I hate the name Owen but i love the name Felix it is really cool for both boys and girls

    Wyatt Ambrose- I completely dislike this name it just doesn't sound right to me

    Eden Jacoby- I love this name i think it sounds adorable and it is definilitly one of those names that people wont forget.

    Tristan Elliot- I love the name Elliot it is so so sweet but Tristan not so sounds very grown up

    Mackenzie Lachlan- I think the name Mackenzie sounds chavy ever since knowing a few chavs with the name.. Lachlan is nice though

    Laken Mckinley- I love the name Laken it is so different and such a fresh idea really nice but Mckinley not so much

    I hope you like my rate don't be offended about me not liking some of the names as everybody is independent and has there own thing.

    My favorite combo of names has to be Jasper Anthony it is lovely you just can't fault it

  • 8 years ago

    Victor Marshall - I like it very much, seems very masculine and posh (unless you call him Vic), pairs well with girls names

    Jasper Anthony - not a fan, Jasper screams Twilight to me and not a fan of Anthony

    Jeremy Rhys - I like it very much but I'd probably go with Jeremiah Rhys instead.

    Sebastian Edward - A big name to live up to

    Gregory Evan - a good name, kind of average sounding but a good solid name

    Damian Wyatt - lots of connotations with Damian but I have friends named Damian and Damon that turned out fine and I really like Wyatt

    Jacob Roarke - Too many Jacobs and Roarke is a last name and I always think of Sandra Bullock's character in 'A Time to Kill' - RO-ARK

    William Hector - You may not call him Bill, Billy or Willy but I guarantee someone will and Hector...sorry but no I don't like it

    Owen Felix - I love this name combo!!!

    Wyatt Ambrose - I like this very much

    Eden Jacoby - Eden is a girls name so I would highly recommend against it, Jacoby is okay

    Tristan Elliot - I like both names so I don't think you could go wrong here but Tristan is starting to veer popularity to a girls name so could go the way of the name Taylor or Cameron

    Mackenzie Lachlan - again, Mackenzie is a girls name but I really like Lachlan

    Laken Mckinley - you have two girls names here sorry

  • 8 years ago

    Victor Marshall:

    7.5/10. I've never been fond of the name Victor, but I have to admit its a nice name. I LOVE Marshall as my guy and our oldest son is Marshall. Victor Marshall flows quite nicely.

    Jasper Anthony:

    6.5/10. I do really like Jasper, but I am so afraid of teasing because of twilight :/ I absolutely love Anthony! Anthony is on my list too.

    Jeremy Rhys:

    10/10. I love both names and have both names on my list too. Jeremy Rhys is genious together.

    Sebastian Edward:

    6.5/10. I love Sebastian, I have it on my list. I've always adored the strong sound of Sebastian. Edward is nice again, but I'd be afraid he might get teased because of twilight or people might say you stole it from twilight.

    Gregory Evan:

    8/10. I love Gregory, I have this name on my list too. Gregory is so handsome and underused. I like Evan, but it doesn't have the best flow w/ Gregory.

    Damian Wyatt:

    5/10. Damian is so handsome. I love saying Damian. Although I hate Wyatt. It reminds of the words "what" and "kilowatt" so I kind of think Wyatt is a stupid name.

    Jacob Roarke:

    3/10. Again Jacob is nice, but I'm afraid of teasing because of twilight. Please don't use Roarke, that's ridiculous and spell check doesn't even know what it is.

    William Hector:

    7/10. William is very classic and handsome. Love William, it's on my list. Although I think Hector is very unrealistic.

    Owen Felix:

    8/10. I love Owen. Have it on my list and just think Owen is such a cute name. I'm not really digging Felix, I'd rather see Finley.

    Wyatt Ambrose:

    0/10. I've already stated how I feel on Wyatt. Ambrose is alright but I don't think you should have two out there names in one name combo.

    Eden Jacoby:

    3/10. I really like Jacoby. But Eden really, and for a boy. That's just asking for teasing. There's no reason to use Eden, there's such better names out there.

    Tristan Elliot:

    6/10. I really don't like Tristan, it sounds too trendy. I adore Elliot though.

    Mackenzie Lachlan:

    8/10. Mackenzie is super handsome on a boy and Mac would be a cute nickname. Lachlan is nice too, but where I live that's the surname on what we call lawyers in Germany.

    Laken Mckinley:

    0/10. McKinley should stay as a surname, it sounds ugly to me. Laken, you have to be kidding. What's the point of a name like Laken.

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  • 8 years ago

    I really don't like: Jasper, Eden, Tristan, and Laken. Mackenzie is okay, but I've only heard it for girls.

    Damien reminds me of the "Omen" movies even though it's a fine name. How many people know of St.Damien the Catholic priest who ministered to the people of Molokai who had leprosy? Victor and Sebastian sound like older men. I have no comment for the middle names as you probably will only call your son by his first name, right?

  • 8 years ago

    If u go with biblical names they can be translated. I don't like any of the names.

    Except for Sebastien and Elliot. The middle names should be family related to mean more.

  • facer
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    4 years ago

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