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Homework help for Physics, super Urgent!!!!!!!?

James Bond is sitting in his Aston Martin DB6 at a red stop light. At the instant that the light turns green a gang of terrorists roars past him in a truck travelling at 40 m/s. Instantly Bond gives chase, accelerating at 5.0 m/s. What distance does Bond travel before he catches up to the truck?

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    Did U know that acceleration units = m/s/s or m/s²

    and are not = "m/s" which is the units of speed/velocity.


    Distance traveled by Bond and Terrorists must be the same = d

    Time from the instant light turns green to when Bond catches Terrorists = t

    40t = 1/2(5)t²

    40 = (0.5)(5)t

    t = 40/2.5 = 16 s

    d = 40t = 40(16) = 640 m ANS

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