Complete this sib-set (looking for boy name combos)?

My SO and I are expecting baby #3. We are not sure of the gender as it is far to early to determine that, but we'd like to at least have a top 5 boy name combos to pick from later on. We are pretty set on a girls name all ready. We have two daughters as is, Ada Charlotte & Ceilidh Gwendolen(KAY-lee).

So, please suggest at least 5 boy name combos that you feel complete this sib-set :

Ada Charlotte, Ceilidh Gwendolen & _____?

Thank you


Vic & I are really liking Magnus at the moment, it's his great granddads name but since we live in Canada we aren't to sure how well it'd be accepted. =P

Update 2:

Yea, true enough =P so far I haven't had any issues with Ceilidh's name (Besides spelling of course) but she only 7 months so it's hard to say how kids will be in school.

Update 3:

Oh gosh, my own mother still doesn't spell it properly and she sends her 1 month old cards every month still they all say "Happy 5 month Kaylee" or "Happy 6 month Kaeliegh" and so on. urgh.

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  • Joey
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    7 years ago
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    Ada Charlotte, Ceilidh Gwendolen and Tristan Alastair

    Ada Charlotte, Ceilidh Gwendolen and Hamish Jonathan

    Ada Charlotte, Ceilidh Gwendolen and Magnus Oliver

    Ada Charlotte, Ceilidh Gwendolen and Rupert Mackenzie

    Ada Charlotte, Ceilidh Gwendolen and Mackenzie Paul

    I tried to have a slighlty Scottish theme going to match Ceilidh, but not overly gaelic to make Ada stick out, I thought these were somewhere in the middle :3

    My fiance's name is Magnus :3 we have James Magnus on our list. Come on, if they can accept Ceilidh (which I ADORE) they can accept Magnus too. I call him Max as a little nickname, so that's always an option!

    Why would anyone struggle over the spelling of Ceilidh? Especially on a computer where it doesn't come up as a spell fail, so it should be easy enough to correct!

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  • 7 years ago

    Ada Charlotte, Ceilidh Gwendolen & Rupert Alistair

    Ada Charlotte, Ceilidh Gwendolen & Reilly Nathaniel

    Ada Charlotte, Ceilidh Gwendolen & Cian Elliot

    Ada Charlotte, Ceilidh Gwendolen & Lachlan Alexander

    Ada Charlotte, Ceilidh Gwendolen & Teagan Emmanuel

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  • JustMe
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    7 years ago

    Tiernan Henry

    Dallán Peter

    Zayne Alexander

    Alec Wynston

    Ronan Benjamin

    Rhys Theodore

    Deaglan Thomas

    Wynston Oliver

    Flynn Alexander

    Eamon Patrick

    Gage Alexander

    Eoin Benjamin (Owen)

    Phineas Oliver

    Caden Elliott

    Silas Charlie

    Pearse Vincent

    Dermott Elias

    Niall Theodore

    Hope these help!

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  • 7 years ago

    Cameron James

    Benjamin James

    Oliver Magnus

    Timothy James

    George Luke

    Hope these help...xD Congratulations!

    Source(s): Me, myself and I...
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Kian Lucas (key-an)

    Mason Scott

    Jordan James

    Cameron Alexander

    Kasey Andrew

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  • lawes
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    in line with danger.. Poppy, Hazel, wintry climate, Theodore and.. Isaac Geoffrey Cadmus Jasper Heath Atticus Ezra Lucas Apollo Declan Samuel Archer Felix Henry Leander Jude Nathaniel Aries Oliver Paul Maverick Asher Benjamin Silas Emerson Jacob Zion the two i elect to characteristic on your sibset could be: Jude Nathaniel Aries Isaac Geoffrey Cadmus BQ: I do like Geoffrey. I exceptionally like it as a center call. It suits precise in with your style of one classic middle call, too. I say choose for it. :-)

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