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Is Canadian history a sidekick that follows that USA and the uk? PLEASE HELP?

Thanks in advance I really appreciate it!

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    "Follows" the USA - no.

    Canada didn't have Indian Wars.

    Canada didn't have black slaves.

    Canada was the destination spot for both seeking freedom.

    Canada is not nor wants to be a Republic.

    Canada doesn't have nor wants the right for any crazy to bear arms, it is a privilege one must prove and earn.

    Canada is only one of ten nations on this earth that recognizes gay marriage, the US federally doesn't - nor does Britain.


    "Follows" Britain, again no.

    Canada didn't have an Empire, not our style.

    Canada declared war on Germany in WWII a week after Britain by design, to illustrate our Independence of Britain.

    Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of Canada, a Canadian citizen - given that honour by Canadians... nothing to do with nor any connection to Britain.

    Canada was never 'ruled' by Britain despite being a Colony for a short while in our history but instead a Dominion - the opposite of 'follow'.

    "several other self-governing colonies of the British Empire were considered dominions equal in status to Canada. Only one other country actually used the title 'Dominion of…' in its full name however; the Dominion of New Zealand. The British used 'dominion' in a generic context to refer to any colony that was more or less self-governing. After the passage of the Statute of Westminster in 1931 the definition of dominion became lot more precise, with the British drawing a clear line of separation between what was a "dominion" and what was a "colony." From henceforth, a "dominion" was declared to be an independent country..."

    Follows the USA and UK - if we did, we'd have nuclear weapons.

    "The Manhattan Project was a research and development program by the United States with the United Kingdom and Canada that produced the first atomic bomb during World War II..."

    "It is agreed between us

    First, that we will never use this agency against each other.

    Secondly, that we will not use it against third parties without each other's consent..."

    The atomic bomb [Manhattan Project] was a partnership between the three largest western allies of the day with Russia omitted by design... and as such no one partner could use it without the approval and agreement of all eg they were all in on the decision.

    Canada alone, was so horrified at the results of Hiroshima and Nagasaki we swore off having nukes feeling the ability to do such a thing to our own human race is hardly the sign of a great society. That's just not who we wanted to be.

    We alone walked away from the nuclear family, the only country in the world that has ever done so... and we've never looked back.

    [this alone never mind all the above makes me incredibly proud to be, Canadian]

    Hope that helps :)

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    Canada is a 'commonwealth' country.

    UK and USA have always had a 'special relationship'.

    US and Canadian interests were so similar, for so long,

    that it might look that way to you.

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    A better analogy is Canada is a quiet, well behaved next-door neighbor, that minds their own business and keeps their lawn mowed. Mexico would be the neighbor on the other side of us, whose kids keep hopping over the fence into our yard and playing loud music. That would make "Uncle Sam" the crotchedy old man yelling "You dang kids get offa my lawn!!".

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