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Is not being able to play pre-owned games on ps4 just a rumor?

So im a playstation gamer and im kinda confused about this and will you be able to play ps3 games on ps4?

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    You will not be able to play ps3 games on a ps4. That includes both physical and virtual games unless Sony or someone wants to spend the time to make an emulation of that game. Basically ps4 hardware has no similarity with the ps3 hardware.

    You will be able to play used ps4 games but I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes more difficult. Game developers hate the concept of used games, and they're trying to work on a solution where they can at least get some money from used games other than the online pass. The flaw with the online pass is that it only works if the player wants to play online. If he doesn't play online, then the company gains nothing.

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    which include you pronounced, that's purely a hearsay. that's going to in all threat no longer even be authentic, notwithstanding if it does prove to be authentic which include you pronounced that's the rake extra money from the shoppers. it truly is an argument i've got had with the on line interest marketplace (among many diverse issues) presently were agencies are moaning that some used sales are ruining their earnings in order that they ought to pull sleazy hints like taking content fabric out of the sport and promoting it back to us as DLC (cough Saints Row 3) or punishing people who bought the sport used with assistance from forcing them to purchase an information superhighway bypass. For now i pass to anticipate extra information about this till now casting any stones. Oh and one extra element, that's going to in all threat no longer be an remarkable thought responsible each and every worker at microsoft for this. (e.g. I higly doubt that the men working at XBLA shopper help ought to carry the comparable weight as these accountable :P)

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    You will be able to play used games.

    There is no backwards compatibility, but you will be able to buy your PS3 games again from the online store, and probably stream them similar to how OnLive does things.

    You'll have to keep hold of your PS3 otherwise...

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    Playstation got a patten for the technology to do that but they recently anounced that it was a bad idea and is scraping it.

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  • Alex C
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    7 years ago

    Sony already said that it would play used games, you have nothing to worry about.

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    7 years ago

    Sony already said that that rumor was false.

    No backwards compatibility either, at all.

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