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Bazinga asked in TravelAsia PacificJapan · 8 years ago

Anyone know any good Korean or Japanese highschool dramas?

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    8 years ago
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    I love Japanese dramas and movies !! I'm gonna list them out for you !

    Dramas :

    -Nobuta Wo Produce

    It's about two famous guy in the school tries to change the gloomy , lonely girl into a famous girl . This story is hilarious but in the same time it teaches about life !

    -ROOKIES (it also got a movie but the movie is the final of the drama)

    It's about a new teacher in the school tries to reform the baseball club , but apparently all the members that still in the baseball club is a group of delinquent . This story is comedy and sporty too , it teaches about baseball a bit :D

    -Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (2007 version is much better than 2011 , that's what most of people said)

    It's about a girl who disguise herself as a boy to enter a famous all boy school to help her crush to do high jump again . Famous story , got comedy and romance !

    -Hana Yori Dango (there are 2 series and 1 movie , the movie is the final of the story)

    It's about a poor girl joins an elite high school and accidentally fight with the 4 most powerful and rich guys in the school who known as F4 . This story genre is romance and also comedy !

    -Koizora (got a movie too but different actor and same story but shorter)

    It's about a normal , typical high school girl who never been in a relationship fell in love with the famous , rebellion , blondie hot guy in her school . This story is super sad , no joke , its a sad romance story :'(

    -Akai Ito (also have in movie and same actors just in the movie , the story is a bit shorter)

    It's about a high school girl fell in love with a her classmate that apparently share a same birthdate with her (they were born on 29 of February , once in a 4 years birthday!!) . This story is great , nice story line , kinda sad a bit but it's great , romance story !

    -Kimi ni Todoke (there is a movie too for this)

    It's about a girl name Sadako (her real name in the drama was Sawako but people call her Sadako) because of her appearances and attitude like the ghost Sadako . She fell in love with a famous , nice guy in her class and apparently that guy also likes her too ! This story is funny and yeah , romance !

    I don't watch lots of Japanese drama since I don't have lots of time but here is other Japanese dramas that people said it's a great Japanese dramas :

    -Gokusen (its in 3 different series)

    -Samurai High School

    -1 Litre of Tears

    -Ouran High School Host Club


    Source(s): I love Japanese dramas , movies and idols !
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    8 years ago

    Korean Dramas- Dream High1&2, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Boys over Flowers, Reply 1997(although it's like going back and forth between the past''highschool'' and present''adults''), School 2013... these are the ones i can think of for now ^^

  • DH
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    8 years ago


    School 2013

    Boys Over Flowers

    Shut Up Flower Boy Band

    Dream High 1 & 2

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Japanese High School Drama Movies

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    boys over flowers, omgg I really really think you will love it

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