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Do I have ADHD/ADD? I'm scared to ask...?

Hello I was wondering if I have ADHD and im scared to ask people cuz ill be embarassed if im wrong, basically....

Symptoms of ADD have to be during your childhood as well and as far back as I can remember everytime I have to stand up and not move I sway side to side and I still do this...

When trying to go to sleep I have all these thoughts about singing songs in my head or something from TV that day and I'll be awake for an hour at the very least usually a couple hours because my brain just cant remain blank...

Sometimes but not very often I fidget with my fingers usually when I'm nervous, and I avoid eye contact with people...

As a child I was a lot more immature than my classmates and such..

So if you could let me know what all of this means I would greatly appreciate it, I'm a teen by the way.. If that helps... Age 15.

Thanks in advance!

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    It doesn't sound like it. ADHD is only diagnosed when it seriously impacts the way you function in every day life.

    So many people have trouble getting to sleep at night, and sometimes this isn't even a symptom of ADHD.

    Fidgeting whilst nervous is completely natural, everyone does things like this when nervous.

    As for the swaying, it may be that you're simply used to it since you've been doing it since childhood, or you're simply a restless and energetic person.

    ADHD has three primary symptoms: inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. I think you're completely normal.

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    confident i think of you have ADHD. many people do not understand the version between upload and ADHD, ADHD is once you experience hyper whilst upload you do not could experience hyper to be clinically determined with this, i might advise chatting with a psychologist so as which you would be able to understand for particular. based on the countless information you have given you additionally could have OCD (obsessive compulsion disease so possibly communicate with a psychologist approximately that too. wish i helped

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    no u dont probably but go talk to your doctor because it could be something else (possibly ADD) but do you get angry easily that is what defines it

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