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I think I have ADHD/ADD but I'm not sure and I'm afraid to ask...?

I think I have ADHD but I'm not sure and I'll be embarassed if I'm wrong and tell people...

Basically as far back as I can remember as soon as I stand up in place I always sway side to side instantly because it makes me feel bad if I don't, sometimes I'll start to "heat" up and such things like that and I've always felt the need to sway to make me feel better and when I can move (like walking) I obviously feel better cuz im moving...

When trying to sleep I get a whole bunch of thoughts in my head like songs, and stuff from tv and one thing leads to another and so on and so forth and I'll be up for an hour at the very least sometimes 2-3.

As a child in Elementary and Middle school it seems I was more immature than the other kids in general, not sure if that helps,

And sometimes I'll fidget with my hands and I usually avoid eye contact with people..

I'm 15 by the way if that helps and thanks in advance.

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    ADHD usually comes with problems concentrating. How is your school work? Most people with ADHD have problems with their grades and the school work, not because they aren't smart, but because they loose their concentration fast when they are trying to read, write, solve problems or do things like that. It doesn't sound like you really have ADHD but maybe problems sleeping.

    The swaying from side to side can actually be your blood pressure, it is really common for young people your age and a little older to have low blood pressure, especially if they grow fast. The only really helpful thing for low blood pressure is to exercise, cardio type (like running, biking and so on). That can help for your problems sleeping and the thoughts that keep you awake during the night too.

    If that isn't helpful, talk to your parents, it will not be embarrassing, whatever it is, it is not your fault and lots and lots of people have ADD and insomnia and there is help to get .

    Source(s): Many years as a mental health professional
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