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the quality of favorite heroes of England?

the quality of favorite heroes of England i.e. Bollywood stars who being Indians copy styles and expression of West and look like crow having peacock's feather are very low to other countries.Perhaps because the quality of English people is also very low. Surely the English won't agree with all this but that won't change the truth Truth that they are worthless and hence keep statue of worthless people in museum.

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    I'd argue this question goes in Mythology and Folklore. Also I'm an American and I'd like to refer you to my fellow American Dr. Michio Kaku's observations on Global Culture. His point was that Lady Gaga and some of Bollywood and so forth are going to be the biggest things in media because that is how Global Culture is structured and you and I are going to look at England and see things like that -- just like there is a Youtube phenomenon of a guy named Jacob Collier who does Jazzy stuff with overdubs. And a lot of people miss both his work with his mother on Jazz standards and the many similarities between his playlists and say, that of the Kings Singers the famous a capella group from Oxford.

    The relationship between Latin music and Jazz/Soul/R&B/Rock is something else that gets missed. I read a lot about how Gloria Estefan is "ugly" or not interesting -- and it seems to come from other countries. She's Cuban-American like the GREAT Celia Cruz (who was her friend) and their styles are very percussive. Carlos Santana had a rock hit with Oye Como Va, written as Salsa by New York-based Puerto Rican Tito Puente. And a lot of people don't appreciate that the only original lyrics are the refrain -- most versions have improvised verses.

    Really it's not a good idea to diss other peoples cultures today because the MASS media is the global media Dr. Kaku (a physicist and educator) talked about. What we see is an imperfect reflection of what is on the street -- a caricature -- and becoming moreso constantly.

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