Hes being confusing?? Please help!!!?

my boyfriend and I are both 18, and have been dating for 4 months. We recently got into a fight yesterday .. and we were talking today and he said that he loves me, and doesn't want too break up.. but he said that he doesn't KNOW if he is READY to commit.. Idk what i should do? do you think we should end things? (everything was going great) what does he mean by this??? if he isnt ready too commit why don't we just break up?? it doesnt make sense. please help!!! .

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  • 8 years ago
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    sounds a bit backwards to me...you cant tell someone you love them, but then say your not ready to commit!! why not if you love them?

    i've been in your situation and foolishly let him get on with it...we dated for a few months, broke up, got back together a month later, broke up few weeks later and then dated again 1 year later and then broke up 4 months later!!!! each time he told me he loved me...then a few weeks later he went cold and all of a suddent wasnt ready to commit!!

    ask yourself...do you love him or do you want to love him? this is the only question you need to answer

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