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Help with Pandora Box poetry ideas!!!!?

I need ACTUAL PUBLISHED poems which deals with the pandora box idea- not specifically about Pandora's box. I need poems with hope inside a world filled with chaos, and destruction. I need poems with hope just being so little but there is hope. I don't want the poems to be all about hope, but I want a lot of destruction which the human race would inflict. Please help! Thank you.

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    The Masque of Pandora - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


    The storm is past, but it hath left behind it

    Ruin and desolation. All the walks

    Are strewn with shattered boughs; the birds are silent;

    The flowers, downtrodden by the wind, lie dead;

    The swollen rivulet sobs with secret pain,

    The melancholy reeds whisper together

    As if some dreadful deed had been committed

    They dare not name, and all the air is heavy

    With an unspoken sorrow! Premonitions,

    Foreshadowings of some terrible disaster

    Oppress my heart. Ye Gods, avert the omen!

    PANDORA (coming from the house).

    O Epimetheus, I no longer dare

    To lift mine eyes to thine, nor hear thy voice,

    Being no longer worthy of thy love.


    What hast thou done?


    Forgive me not, but kill me.


    What hast thou done?


    I pray for death, not pardon.

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    Also the following, but I don't know if they have been published!

    Pandoras Box

    Oh how I have come to hate that box,

    It calls and lures me as it mocks,

    Its just a temptation I cannot resist,

    Each time I sigh and clench my fist!

    I happily roam and adventure on,

    By killing off mobs one by one,

    Then it gently bumbles into view,

    All gold and bright in its aura of blue.

    I sigh and I grumble and try to ignore,

    The thoughts of the contents fill me with awe,

    I think and decide that this box will be mine,

    And already I am lost to this box so divine.

    I should know better I scream in my head,

    I could be in danger I could end up dead,

    But think of the riches the secrets inside,

    I take a deep breath and throw the lid wide.

    Now I lay dead I need never endure,

    The demonic box and its heavenly lure,

    I got a surprise from the now open box,

    A shadowy beast lay behind all of those locks!

    Pandora's Box by Chuck Maddock

    All hope is lost inside Pandora's box

    Wherein lies untold agony and deadly pox

    Take heed and be sure you've read

    What herein I have woefully said

    Upon the day Pandora's box was gazed

    All of Eden was shrouded in morbid hazed

    The loss of innocence was bestowed upon man

    No longer was he the sacred sheltered lamb

    Her curse was embedded upon all of the land

    The meek and mild beast, now seeking for a feast

    Edan began to shrink until it disappeared into the east

    Man became befuddle no longer could he understand

    Chaos ruled the land and man became as his beast

    Paradise had been lost and love and kindness ceased

    He sought all the pleasure's he could find

    And arrogantly thought God wouldn't mind

    Then came the great flood to purify his sins

    All because of Pandora and her hateful whims

    We have eternity to atone for that day unknown

    To recapture hope and find the light once shone


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    Pandora Ideas

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