How do Governments with both a President and Prime Minister work?

In several countries, such as France, Russia, and Israel, they elect both a Prime Minister and a President. I live in Canada where we only have a Prime Minister and our neighbours, the USA, only have a President. Could someone please explain how governments with both a President and a Prime Minister work, with maybe some pros and cons to this system?

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    7 years ago
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    In these countries, the prime minister acts as a primary political figure and a representative of his party. He supports certain legislation, is the head of his cabinet, and so on. The president acts as a head of state and mostly has ceremonial responsibilities.

    Compare it to the situation in England, where the prime minister has real political power, but Queen Elizabeth is the head of state. In the countries you mention, the president is the democratic equivalent of the Queen. (Though bear in mind that every country is different; the degree to which the president participates in politics varies sharply.)

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  • 3 years ago

    In those international locations with the two a president and best minister, the president is the professional head of state. it somewhat is the president in those governments is very like the Queen in England. In different words it somewhat is extremely a lot a ceremonial place.

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    7 years ago

    Any govt is only as good as the people in the country. And the principles of the country that are believed in by the population.

    The "politicians" will follow suit.

    Rule and regulations don't "improve" things. Or structures of govt. As the people mature and improve, the country gets better.

    Have we proved anything in the US by acceding to the black putsch.

    "I don't care about your "big putsch," lawrence of arabia told gen.allenby. But was he a mesenger from god? Perhaps.

    Perhaps we dont even know what a messenger from god IS.

    Perhaps time has run out to know. And to have more time we must BEG for it.

    Do we know enough to do that?

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  • 7 years ago

    the same way in the states you have a president and and a vise president...or in canada you have PM(Harper) and GG(Johnston)...Each has his or her own role but are not independent of each other...Some things the GG does like dissolving the government that Harper cannot do....the GG has to sign off on Bills in order for them to become get the point...

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