Thesis Statement: Persecution of the Jews Essay?

I need help or ideas in creating a thesis statement and introductory paragraph for my history 12 class. It is a 2000 word essay on the Persecution of the Jews. This is what I have:

The Persecution of the Jewish people in Hitler’s attempt to create a universal Nazi society free of ‘racial impurities’, is known to be one of the most horrific crimes against humanity in recorded history.

I need more information to catch the readers eye. Normally I have no problem creating an introductory paragraph but for some reason I am having troubles with this one.

Thank you

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    Jews are unfairly blamed for the death of Jesus,the Jews did not kill Jesus it was the Roman high officials.The Nazis persecution of the Jews was based on a false concept of race,they killed Jews that became Christians and Christians with one Jewish grandparent or more..Anti-Jewish writer Wilhelm Marr created the term antisemitism in 19 th century as a more extreme term for anti-Jewish, he ONLY meant Jews not Arabs or other Semites.The term antisemitism has become a part of the Jewish experience

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