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bj_dj asked in HealthMental Health · 8 years ago

emergency please help I met a stranger 30 minutes ago in a terrible state about to kill herself...?

please help I have just met this woman outside my house. never met her, she asked me to spare 5minutes. I have and I have had to bring her in my home. she is obviously extremely unstable, she thinks she is not worthy, the lord is going to punish her for not trusting in him. she is obviously having a break down and from what she is saying I believe she will kill herself. she said she has only got a few hours left to live. she has a nurse that contacts her 'sometimes' I cannot and will not leave her like this please any advice is needed.


thank you all so very much...

Update 2:

tried a few calls, didn't get much response. stayed with her til 5 o'clock which is after calling an ambulance. Nothing more I could do.

Update 3:

tried a few calls, didn't get much response. stayed with her til 5 o'clock which is after calling an ambulance. Nothing more I could do.

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    Firstly, you need to find out a bit more about this woman. Like where she lives etc as she could have escaped from somewhere if she seems that unstable. See if she has a phone on her as this should have some contacts in like 'Mum' or someone she calls regularly. For your own safety, call one of your close friends or relatives to let them know you have a stranger in your house and if they can, ask them to come round. You are a good person to not want to let her go in the state she is in but if she seems that unstable, you need to be concerned for your own safety too.

    I think your best option would be to contact a charity like the samaritans as they can provide confidential support for people in this womans situation. Perhaps if you phone them, see if they have any advice and then ask this woman if she wants to speak to someone.

    You can also contact the police as they should be able to track where she is from, family etc.

    Just be there for her and make her a hot drink and perhaps something to eat in the meantime.

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    Often, telling someone you want to end your life is a cry for help. You need to ask her directly if she has made any plans to end her life. If she has then she needs help now. Either call NHS Direct 0845 46 47, Samaritans, 999 or get her to A&E. You can't force her to.

    If she HASNT made plans, let her talk to you.

    The nurse that contacts her could be the CRISIS team, a CMHT or alike. You need to call them quickly if it is her CRISIS or CMHT. They will be able to help her more than you can.

    Just remember that her actions are not your responsibility

    And what the fxck are you doing on Yahoo Answers when a lady is sat in front of you saying she wants to commit suicide?

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    Ring 999 and get an ambulance to get her to hospital. You have done the right thing, well done, but i wouldn't feel comfortable with allowing her to leave before a doctor has seen her. Ring 999 immediately.

  • 8 years ago

    Call an ambulance now, and don't tell her that you have or she may panic. They will help and be the best place for her.

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  • 8 years ago

    Keep her in your house, keep her calm, call an ambulance but don't tell her as she may try to leave, but when they arrive tell her that they are helping her and that she is getting help and possibly go with her as she sought help from you specifically.

    Good luck.

  • 8 years ago

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

    pls Ask Her to read this when She is Calm

    Life without understanding, humility and devotion has no substance or depth. Acquire these three qualities through effort and prayer. Let your efforts have prayerful attitude.

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    Let your devotion have depth and understanding. When you have an understanding, you will have depth. When there is humility, life becomes extremely rich.

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    What creates tensions in life is ‘I’ in the form of ego that is always demanding. Such demanding nature of the ego creates tension... and tension does not allow one to even enjoy success. An egoistic person even if successful, cannot enjoy his success. It is similar to a person having a toothache and not relishing a good dinner. An egoistic person does not enjoy his success totally as his ego develops loads of arrogance. But when a humble person tastes success, he would be grateful. When he is grateful, he wholly enjoys his success. In a thankful space, one would be bestowed with an ability to enjoy the miracle of one’s success. And such a person will include in his perception all those invariable forces that contribute to his success.

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    Look at the SWAP Technique, a powerful technique.

    ‘S’ means Stop,

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    The Commander-in-Chief in the above example could have adopted this technique for his benefit. SWAP also means exchange of energies. So we should always stop, withdraw and watch, analyse and proceed positively. In life too, please apply this technique. Stop now. Withdraw and watch. Analyse. Proceed positively. And you find time wasters, which you can comfortably eliminate. Time intelligence is as important as spatial intelligence.

  • 8 years ago

    call an ambulance of course.. (or take her to the hospital yourself).

  • 8 years ago

    Take her to a hospital. Now. Good luck.

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