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3 Steps For Tap Dancing?

I have a dance project and i need to know 3 basic steps please help

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    As a teacher, the first three steps I teach any tap dancer are shuffles, flaps, and the difference between a step and a stomp. Everything else stems from there (shuffle bal changes, flap shuffle hops, etc). For older students, I'll throw drawbacks or paddle and rolls among the first few steps. IT all depends on your target age and how your specific class progresses.

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  • Tember
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    Here are some basics:

    *Front slap: The toe tap only brushes forwards and then steps (toe tap only) your weight changes to that foot. Some people (like this video tutorial) call it a front flap.

    Youtube thumbnail

    - You only need to watch the first 40 seconds.

    *Ball change - Let's say you just front slapped onto your left foot, a ball change is when you step back onto your right foot (toe tap only) and then back onto your left.

    *Shuffle: A shuffle is when you brush forward with your toe tap, and then back again quickly. This causes to beats, which can be done as half beats if you do it really fast, then it can only take up on beat (as it's supposed to)

    Youtube thumbnail

    - Maybe only about the first 1:10 minutes.

    *Heel drop - Lets say you do a front slap with your left foot and then let your heel back on the ground so your whole foot is down now, that is a heel drop, because all you did was drop your heel!

    Youtube thumbnail

    - First 40 seconds.

    Now you could do a combo like - front slap (Left foot) Balle change (R then L) Shuffle (R) Step your toe down (R) then drop your heel (R). Your left foot should only have the toe on the ground.

    Hope I helped!


  • Haha my dance studio is called the dance project lol... im in adv. tap but here are some basic steps:



    pull back

    cramp roll


    riffle ( or riff, a similar step. oh and its not pronounced rifle like a gun its r- if-le like as in the word if)



    time step

    maxi fords


    here are some beginning steps. i hope i helped! im not 100% sure i spelled all of them right but you get the point.

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    I really like ballet, jazz, tap, state-of-the-art, lyrical, and pointe, but ballet is my all-time favourite. It may be the core to all dance, and it can be soooooo beautiful!!!! If you want to do a jazz, you close to have got to do ballet. You then must decide - do you need to make a variety of noise along with your feet, get "down" in some hip-hop, or be flowy and switch form of bizarre??? It can be fairly up to what you love and have to do. You would talk to your trainer before publications start as to what she/he thinks you might work on or are just correct at then go together with that. It is all as so much as you, particularly. Just right success and have pleasing!!!

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    Ball change

    Time step :)

  • Anonymous
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    Shuffle ball change

    Heel heel pick up (once you can do these try stamp stamp pickup)

    Cramp roll .

    Hope this helped ;)

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