Why Doesnt Israel Return To UN Made Lines Of Country?

I am starting to get angry about how Palestine is Terrorist while Israel can take all there land and be supported by the USA (PIGS)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Most Americans don't know the truth because the media doesnt cover it..In 2010 100 nations signed a UN resolution condemning Israel's illegal settlements in Palestine...the USA unilaterally vetoed it on behalf of Israel

    but all Americans hear on the news is "more rockets from gaza onto the innocent Israelis" No mention of the Israelis cutting off food, water, and supplies to Gaza first

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  • Kini
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    7 years ago

    The poster is wrong. The PA recognizes Israel but not as a Jewish state only because they want the right of return to their homes they were expelled from in 1948-49. Israel is 20% non-Jewish. That is a pre-condition by the Palestinians. The borders is an issue to be negotiated if they ever negotiate again.

    Israel won land from several countries after the U.N. mandated the partiion in '47 so to Israel, that is their land but it was not under the original mandate which is the Green Line. After winning war in 1967 Israel changed the boundaries. But it keeps changing what land is left for Palestinians, and has annexed other lands. Thats why the land issue is being disputed.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Because the UN doesn't create territorial boundaries - those are created by negotiation between the affected parties.

    Since the Arab states, other than Egypt (maybe Jordan) have never negotiated or signed any treaties with Israel, nor did they agree to the original UN resolution creating Israel, there is no set boundaries.

    You see, to sit down and negotiate the boundaries with Israel requires them to recognize Israel, which they will not do.

    Do you understand that Israel has grown only BECAUSE they chose not to be part of any agreement?

    If the Arab states had been involved with the original UN resolution and not attacked Israel, then Israel would be much smaller than it is today, and even smaller than what was allowed in the final UN resolution for the partition.

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