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As a caring Kanuck what can I do to help America fulfull its destiny and keep Americans?

the HELL away from CUBA!

It is just about the last civilized place in the world that we can go without drunk, loud, beach apes hitting on the smokin' hot Topless European Girls while waving the Confederate Flag and complaining about the food, the room, the service, the music, the view, the weather, the ocean, the flight, the bus and God knows what else.........please just let me help you!

1) I agree, there are plenty of other places in the world Amercans can go......signed, The Entire Population of Canada

2) The only Americans that should be there are the ones torturing unconvicted prisoners at Gitmo...and I think they like it "too much"....

3) Ya, well when I travel I alwats wear a Canadian there!...oh, wait......that doesn't sound so good......signed Mitt Romney, Grand Cayman 805-555-2222

4) But we stole Justin Bieber from you, so what else you got?

5) Do you think, as I do, a hockey puck to the head, and a little too much Maple Syrup is at work here? Rough weekend?

6) #7 has been discontinued due to popular demand

7) I'm back



@ mebo....we own Florida, we bought it for 5 cents on the dollar when Bush crashed the economy, so if you don't mid, got out of our State......Thanks

Update 2:

@Sgt Sniper...I'll just drop a tree on him....guns? we don't need no stinkin' guns...

@Flav...Sorry no returns or refunds.... But I just hear Selena Gomez on the Radio, is there a volume setting lower than off?

@LIV......Trudeau! President of Kanuckistan!..Or Prime Minister or whatever.....the guy is Liberal and fro the People....imagin, seriously...imagine THAT!

Update 3:

@MarilynW....I looked up Oxymoron...all they had as an example was Big Penis Republican.

Update 4:

@ David.....You are welcomed anytime, just ask for me at the Border, we all know each other....and Bring Obama with you, we LIKE that guy!......First Timmies and Maple Dipped is on me, or whomever I can mooch from....Kanucks eh?

Update 5:

@ Alyx...WOW! Valued Member since April 08 2013....with 36 POINTS!...all I can say is WOW!

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    Obnoxious Americans overrun lots of North American vacation spots because the Euro-trash Soccer Hooligans have a clamp lock on the other side of the pond, and it's too far to travel here on a beer (Stout, Mead?) budget.It's a rash there, people get injured, people die, and it is indiscriminate.

    The US is a huge percentage of the population of North America, so regardless of the ratio of A**holes to polite tourists, we will field more A**holes as a function of sheer numbers. Besides people LOVE to hate Americans, for reasons both deserved and undeserved. It's all the rage these days.

    I read the "Ugly American" as a preteen and made a decision not to extol those negative attributes if I ever traveled abroad. And I have a genuine interest in cultures of every kind.

    The host countries can at times cater to the types of individuals who act out with and an atmosphere that promise unruly lust and corruption that will go unpunished, as long as they SPEND SPEND SPEND. This is not an excuse of course, but certainly mitigation.

    Sadly, I have found that Canadian animosity towards individual Americans has in my mind dramatically increased, not in the same venue you describe though, Just a general unwarranted animosity. While in the US at the malls and medical tourism establishments, or at the ski resorts in areas which I service as part of my employment.

  • John
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    8 years ago

    I don't know what a Kanuck is. I am a Canuck

    The United States sometimes takes extreme positions which later just look foolish. That is the case with the relations with Cuba. Cuban imports are supposedly banned in the US. You can buy all the famous Cuban cigar brands in Manhattan.

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    You can have Justin Beiber. Do you realize that Canadians and Americans are the same thing? Two nations built on slavery and genocide, Canada is the gay, red headed step sibling of America without as much culture, influence or style.

  • John M
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    8 years ago

    Populate Cuba with like minded canadians so there will not be any room for Americans.

    Be sure to write.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I'm not apologizing for Michael Moore or Jay-Z's actions. I don't care what Moore did while he filmed Sicko in Cuba if Canadians are not taking back Beiber

  • David
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    8 years ago

    you ca keep bieber. the syrup would be a more serious issue. do you realize what opening cuba to car collectors will do? think about those 50,s era american made products just waiting to be restored, etc. i,m not hockey fan. i want to go to canada in the future. don,t block the border crossings with justin bieber paraphernalia. do NOT hide the syrup, or we,ll send you obama.

  • mebo
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    8 years ago

    Try not finding a loud drunk Canadian in a Florida bar room.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


    I made my own chicken coop last year following the plans and blueprint I bought on this site


  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I've never met an American who wanted to go to Cuba.

    But please take back Bieber, Loverboy, Martin Short, Shania Twain, and Celine Dion back and lock them away in Ninavut somewhere.

    Oh, and please clone Trudeau and send him our way. That guy was awesome.

  • Joey
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    8 years ago

    Go bear hunting an forget your gun.

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