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Immigration Question?

I have a hypothetical question, asking on behalf of two friends...

One friend is a US born citizen, but not qualified to be a sponsor because they live in a small apartment and have a very tiny income. So, as a sponsor, they don't have financial means to support an invited immigrant, nor the room to house them. Now, if the immigrant has their own sufficient money to cover own apartment/housing, purchase a car, afford all insurance (car & medical), pay for all other expenses...like food & clothing...is it necessary that the sponsor still show a means to support the immigrant?

Next question: If an immigrant's 'invitee' were of unqualified financial status, then what is the best way to apply for immigration, and under what particular status for the lack of a sponsor? What type of visa or form should be filed? The immigrant would be a single male, mid 20's, looking for citizenship opportunity. The diversity lottery may not be an option for this person, as it's already closed for 2014 year, and only 55,000 are issued per year. The immigrant's home country will likely not fall into their guidelines for the diversity lottery anyway.

I can't help with their situation...I too wouldn't qualify as a sponsor, for many of the same reasons. The immigrant is not related to anyone in the US, nor is dating/engaged/married to a US citizen.

So, in regards to all the info, what is the best visa to apply for? And where do you begin the process or how?

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    The sponsor needs to show they can take Cate of immigrant despise what the immigrant may have.

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    A US citizen can sponsor only an immediate relative (parent/spouse/child) or a sibling. In case of a sibling (who is not an "immediate" relative) the waiting time is 12 to 24 years, depending on the intending immigrant's country of citizenship.

    The way I understand your post, nobody can petition for this foreigner at all.

    If he's eligible for the Green Card lottery, that's his best shot. That's how I got in. Yes, there are "only" fifty-five-thousand such visas available every year, but all he needs is one.

    Source(s): An immigrant from Europe, I live in the charming old mission town San Buenaventura and work as an attorney in Santa Barbara, California.
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    a citizen can only sponsor parents sibling , children and a spouse ..NO OTHERS

    The intending immigrant would need a high end education with a minimum degree

    from what you say he has no chance

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    8 years ago

    Doesn't really matter. If the immigrant is not an immediate relative, they cannot be petitioned. You cannot petition for a friend, only immediate family members.

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