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Tips on playing Gavroche in Les Miserables?

I auditioned for Les Miserables and for some reason I got Gavroche, and I'm a girl! It doesn't matter, I'm not complaining. I need some tips on playing Gavroche?

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    Well done, a great role. :)

    Well Gavroche is a virtually homeless kid, he is poor, VERY streetwise, in the novel he is actually very caring towards other kids he meets in a similar position, I always picture him able to be a complete terror, or really lovely (but not stupid), defiant, and usually with a cheeky grin. :)

    Source(s): I am a founder of the awardwinning South Devon Players non-profit theatre company ( Facebook:sdevonplayers) and am a model with the Aesthetic Clarity ltd model agency, as well as being a performing arts teacher and an experienced actress in my own right, and directing a non-musical stage show of Les Miserables this year. :)
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